Create or amend a reading list

My Unit Readings provides easy access to essential and recommended readings for your students. You can create and amend your own reading list or the Library can do it for you.

Why use My Unit Readings?

Whilst some material can be delivered to students via the LMS, copyright protected content (including book chapters or print journal articles) must be delivered using My Unit Readings. Unit readings are made available to students under a range of licences and contracts, including the Copyright Act’s Statutory Licence. For information on the terms of the Statutory Licence, and how to use Creative Commons licensed works see Copyright and teaching at Murdoch.

Selecting resources for your reading list

You can access a wide variety of resources to add to reading lists through our extensive online and print collections.

We also encourage teaching staff to consider these Open Educational Resources (OERs), which offer unlimited user access to students at no cost:

    If you need assistance selecting resources for your reading list, ask our Librarians.


    Create your own reading list

    We encourage you to create your own list in My Unit Readings. Doing so allows you to quickly and independently update and maintain your list without any publishing delay.

    Ask us to create or amend a list

    The Library is happy to create or amend a reading list for you in My Unit Readings.


    Provide the following details about each item on your reading list:

    • Resource citation including details such as author(s), title, chapter, edition, date, ISBN, ISSN, URL, etc.
    • Where you would like the item to appear on your list (for example, 'Week 1' or 'Topic 1')

    To ensure we can create a reading list for you in time, submit your request by the following dates:

    Study PeriodSubmit before
    Trimester 1 (TJA and TJB)29th November 2021
    Trimester 1 (T1)6th December 2021
    Semester 117th January 2022
    Trimester 228th March 2022
    Semester 220th June 2022
    Trimester 318th July 2022

    Add lecture slides/notes to a reading list

    Lecture slides and notes that include copyright protected content (images, graphs, maps used under the Statutory Licence) must be delivered to students using My Unit Readings. Send us your lecture slides or notes and we will add them to the reading list.

    Request addition of lecture slides/notes

    Request items to be added to High Demand Collection

    You can request print items from your reading list to be added to the High Demand collection at the Library, allowing students access as a short-term loan. Prescribed texts for units ordered via the bookshop are already included in the High Demand collection.

    Items added to High Demand are removed at the end of the year. Submit a new request each year to keep items in the High Demand Collection. We regularly monitor usage of items and reserve the right to remove low use items.

    Request addition to High Demand Collection

    Link to your reading list in the LMS

    You can embed a reading list from My Unit Readings into your teaching material in the LMS.

    1. Log in to the Learning Management System (LMS), select your unit and turn editing on.
    2. Select 'Add an activity or resource'; under 'Resources', select 'My Unit Readings'
    3. Enter a Section title (for example 'NUR210 reading list' or ‘Topic 1 Readings’)
    4. Click 'Link to resource list or section', on the Authenticate page, press 'Click to Continue'
    5. Select the section of the reading list from the drop down menu (if required) and click 'Save'

    If your list is not appearing correctly or is linking to an archived list, delete the Talis Resource icon, and follow the steps above.

    Our librarians are skilled information professionals who can assist with your study or research.

    Renew items you have on loan and keep track of what you have borrowed using My Library.

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