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Murdoch students

There is a whole world of support and a lively community awaiting postgraduate students.

Are you considering postgrad study in Perth at Murdoch University? Welcome to your new journey in education and becoming the best version of yourself.

However, we also know it’s not just about the academics for this cohort. Many of those returning to study have families, financial responsibilities, and jobs that require ongoing attention.

Let’s discuss what kind of academic support and social/life services are available.

Postgrad support: academics and study assistance

At Murdoch we pride ourselves on strong support and guidance for our students. Here are just some of the things you can access:

  • We offer flexible study options for our postgrads, including condensed contact periods.
  • Wondering how the top guns do it? You can ask them yourself! Murdoch’s Peer Academic Coaches are successful students who offer free, individualised consultations for their peers.
  • Lecturers and tutors are a great resource. Approach them for advice, or discuss topics, career paths or assignments, and even enquire about potential internships or references.
  • Workshops. If you’ve been away from formal study for a while, it’s only natural it’ll take a little while to get back into the groove. If you feel you are struggling, there are a range of in-person and online workshops available to help.
  • Take advantage of available mentoring services. For example, we have a program where you have the opportunity to be mentored by an industry leader.
  • We don’t call ourselves the university of free thinkers for nothing. Launchpad is an exciting platform where you can connect and collaborate with other freethinkers to turn your thoughts and ideas into real-world solutions.
  • Parent support. There are facilities and opportunities for you too, including a parents’ room where you can study while your child plays safely in an enclosed space nearby. Learn more about bringing your child to Murdoch.

Postgrad support: life and fun

Although uni might feel a tad different from when you were an undergrad, the relaxed, friend-making student life is for everyone.

  • There are more than 100 clubs and societies here. Not only will you meet people with similar interests, it’s also a way to let off steam, enjoy a hobby, and feel part of the community.
  • Boola Katitjin and the Student Hub are *the* meeting place for students. Centrally located on campus, gather here for chats with your classmates with lunch or a coffee.
  • Staying healthy while studying is crucial. For those into fitness, join the campus gym, book a space at one of our sporting facilities, or drop in for a casual team game of mixed netball or three-on-three basketball.
  • Wellbeing and cultural services. There are counselling and other support services to aid with both your academic and personal life.
  • The campus vibe. Full of nature and with a relaxed pace, Murdoch’s campus is frequently nominated as one of the high points for both domestic and international students.

We are a university that takes postgraduate support and academic services seriously. The Good Universities Guide rated many of Murdoch’s postgrad degrees with five out of five stars and we were the number one university in WA across several postgraduate areas.

Want to make this university experience your own? Explore the wide variety of courses on offer at Murdoch to get started.    
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6 Jul 2023

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