What is an MBA?

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What is a Master of Business Administration and how does it work?

You may have noticed that an MBA has become a postgraduate degree of almost mythical status in some sectors. It’s because it truly can take you places. Cliché, but nevertheless true. If you’re a driven professional, looking to further yourself and turn your career into something exceptional, you could very well benefit from having this qualification on your CV.

What is an MBA?

An MBA is a Master of Business Administration. It’s a globally popular and highly sought-after postgraduate course that helps people move into senior leadership roles. It’s for those who are highly motivated, driven, and passionate about furthering their career. Typically it’s best for professionals who’ve been in the workforce for a few years already.

How does it work?

While you can complete it in one year with a full-time load, a large number of students take this course part-time or online so they can fit study around work commitments. Previous study and experience can be used as credit for some units so you could potentially graduate faster.

The career benefits of an MBA

You’ll be many steps closer to job opportunities that may otherwise take years or even decades to reach. For example, CEO, business development manager, or entrepreneur. These are roles that steer the ship, so to speak, in business. An MBA adds that something special to get you into the role of your dreams.

Benefits include:

  • An internationally recognised and respected qualification
  • Rapid promotion in the corporate world
  • Greater earning potential
  • Tools to be an effective, dynamic, and modern leader
  • Creative problem solving, emotional intelligence, and negotiation skills
  • A depth of skill development not available with an undergraduate degree
  • Gaining access to professional networks
  • Access to desirable work placements
  • Skills acquired in this course are applicable across industries.

Unique MBA courses

The Master of Business Administration is always popular but there are others that might align more closely to your career goals. Complete two master’s qualifications with Murdoch’s new and unique combined options. These allow you to specialise in a key area while also learning advanced business skills.

  • Master of Business Administration + Master of Health Care Management

    Build your expertise in both healthcare and business management. Possible future careers include Nurse Director or Service Director.

  • Master of Business Administration + Master of Human Resource Management

    Build your expertise in both HR and business management. Possible future careers include People and Culture Manager, COO, or HR Director.

  • Master of Business Administration + Master of Information Technology

Build your expertise in both IT and business management. Possible future careers include CEO or Strategy Director.

What real students say about Murdoch University’s MBA

There’s nothing like hearing what real students have to say about their studies.

Eva completed a Bachelor of Nursing before returning to Murdoch to complete her MBA nearly a decade later, all while employed full-time as a nurse.

“The skills you learn in the MBA are valuable and applicable in the real world. It is a journey of personal and professional growth.”

While working in the resources industry, Andrea enjoyed her challenging and rewarding role but found herself hungry to take the next step.

“I was very regimented with my study, but I found Murdoch to be very flexible and designed to fit into a busy work schedule.”

Adam had graduated with a nursing degree but found himself gravitating towards business and entrepreneurship.

“It’s quite interesting to be a part of a program aimed specifically at people with experience who are looking to be more educated leaders in their fields.”

Why study an MBA at Murdoch?

There are plenty of reasons why students love Murdoch. From The Good Universities Guide:

  • 5-stars for Postgraduate Skills Development in Business and Management
  • 5-stars for Postgraduate Teaching Quality in Business and Management
  • 5-stars for Student Support and Learner Engagement for Postgraduate Business and Management
Looking at doing your MBA? See where a Murdoch MBA could take you and your career by exploring one of our above programs.
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23 Jan 2023

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