Ashlyn’s curious mind is perfect for criminology degree

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Ashlyn is studying for a Master of Criminology at Murdoch, the only degree of its kind in WA.

Studying at Murdoch University was an easy decision for Ashlyn Seuren. She had heard good things from family members who had studied at Murdoch before she had. Knowing from firsthand accounts about how helpful and supportive Murdoch staff were in guiding students to develop careers in their field of interest influenced Ashlyn’s decision. She studied for a Bachelor of Criminology and a Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology, and now she’s working towards a Master of Criminology.

Curious minds like Ashlyn’s are a good match for criminology degree

Ashlyn has always enjoyed learning. The curious student is known for asking an abundance of questions and considers herself an out-of-the-box thinker.

"I try looking at things from everyone’s perspective and try to understand that experiences will shape us all differently,” Ashlyn says.

Studying criminology at Murdoch has given Ashlyn a chance to learn more about different views and gain a better understanding of people’s behaviours.  

“I have always been interested in how life courses set people apart and those that share the same could end up going down different paths,” Ashlyn says.  

At Murdoch, Ashlyn feels secure in exploring her own way of learning. This includes asking questions even though people may not know the answer and applying analytical thinking to problem-solving.  

“I love the freedom to think and have opinions without criticism.  

“The lecturers allow for discussion, understanding that everyone may have a different opinion, and allow for free-flowing conversation."

Murdoch criminology staff embrace freethinking attitudes

Ashlyn’s teachers have made a positive impression as she studied for her undergrad degree in criminology in WA, one reason she wanted to continue her postgrad studies at Murdoch. She says the practical experience that lecturers bring to the coursework makes for genuinely interesting and engaging discussions. She also appreciates the freethinking attitudes of the academic staff and feels they are also interested in learning from students.

“I think Murdoch tries to bridge the gap between those teaching and those studying,” Ashlyn says. “Lecturers and professors are always available for a conversation.

“They are happy to sit and broaden ideas and thoughts with their knowledge in their own time, even if they are busy with other projects.

A good balance of academic and social experiences at Murdoch

It’s not only the passion of the lecturers that Ashlyn finds beneficial. The campus at Murdoch and the social environment have also impressed the thoughtful student. While most of her bachelor’s degree was done through online learning, the flexible study options at Murdoch have made it easy to transition to in-person study at a campus she thoroughly enjoys. 

“Murdoch tries to balance both the social side and the studying with markets and endless activities, both at a university level and at a field of study level,” Ashlyn says.

“There are endless groups for a variety of interests that allow you to connect with people from different degrees and walks of life and combine them to make meaningful connections.

“Everyone seems genuinely nice and excited to be here.”

Murdoch’s criminology degrees are unique in WA

Studying Murdoch’s unique criminology degree has inspired Ashlyn in ways she couldn’t have imagined. She always wanted to help people but knew she was too squeamish for a career in healthcare. Now she’s considering a career in the social or policing sphere.

“I hope to take what I have learnt and put it into a practical setting helping those nationwide and worldwide,” Ashlyn says.

The Master of Criminology at Murdoch is the only of its kind in WA. Students acquire advanced knowledge in criminology, including criminological theory, and skills and application across a broad field of related industries.

Find out how studying a Master of Criminology can give you a competitive edge in the world of criminal justice.
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11 Oct 2022

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