Accelerated MBA helped Eva become a better leader

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Murdoch University's accelerated Master of Business Administration helped Eva become a better leader

Eva Yazid always planned to do a postgraduate degree. She graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2010 at Murdoch’s Mandurah campus. When COVID-19 hit, Eva knew it was the right time to pursue her interest in business and management by earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Because she was an alumni, Murdoch was the natural choice. 

Eva complete her course in 12 months

Eva applied to study a Master of Business Administration degree. She was welcomed back into the Murdoch community and received a postgraduate alumni discount, one of the many professional and personal benefits for graduates.

Like many postgrad students, Eva needed her studies to fit in with her current career. Working full time as a nurse meant Eva had to juggle a busy work schedule and a demanding postgrad degree. 

“I have undertaken multiple roles in the hospital, ranging from bedside nursing to middle management roles,” Eva said.

She chose the accelerated study mode for her MBA in Perth, allowing her to complete the course in as little as 12 months. 

Eva’s MBA equipped her to become a future leader

Murdoch’s MBA offers theory grounded in real-life applications, allowing Eva to translate her studies directly to her current role. It helped her become a better leader which was especially useful during the pandemic. Her studies gave her a better understanding of the hospital business in terms of employee engagement and team development. 

Eva says Murdoch’s MBA has helped her develop critical thinking skills and gave her the ability to easily translate theory into practice. She’s had the opportunity to apply her learning and benefited from real-world and real-life skills learned in the classroom. 

“The MBA program has enhanced my analytical thinking skills and knowledge on business insights,” Eva said.

“The skills you learn in the MBA are valuable and applicable in the real world. It is a journey of personal and professional growth.

“Murdoch is a very independent learning facility where your insights are valued and you have approachable academic staff.”

One thing that surprised Eva about her postgrad studies was how much support was available for students. Eva joined the Murdoch Business Society where she said the student members went above and beyond to help.  

“I won the international business plan award for my Global Business in the Asian Century unit.”

“It is definitely a great achievement personally as I have no business background and working full time meant burning the midnight oil to achieve this award.”

Murdoch benefits extends past study

Eva says she recommends Murdoch University for their approach to learning. Her experience with the MBA degree has had far-reaching benefits and has given Eva the opportunity to think about her own future and explore potential new career avenues. 

“The environment at Murdoch allows one to grow, be inspired and learn,” Eva said. 

Level up your career like Eva by enrolling in the Master of Business Administration at Murdoch. Explore where the course could take you. 
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21 Sep 2023



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