Should I study a postgraduate degree?

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If you’re toying with the idea of uni and wondering whether postgraduate study is right for you, read on.

Considering study as a postgraduate typically brings a different set of questions than when you were entering uni as an undergrad. We’ll address these common concerns and walk you through the start of the process.

What is a postgrad student?

This covers both those students coming straight from an undergraduate degree, as well as someone who finished tertiary study several years – even decades – ago. There are several courses that fall under the postgraduate umbrella, and which one you prefer depends on your circumstances and what you require from the degree.

Why do I want to go back to university?

This may seem obvious, but the fact is, people study a postgraduate degree for all sorts of reasons. You:

  • Are in a career or industry that isn’t the right fit for you
  • Desire a job with better financial remuneration
  • Have changed. Maybe what you’re passionate about has shifted over time and/or understand yourself better and where your abilities lie
  • Want to upgrade your skills so you can land a plum job further up the career ladder
  • Are keen to keep your knowledge current
  • Have children and would like better work-life balance
  • Are learning out of interest or for personal development
  • Are an undergrad and this is what your future industry requires
  • Want to start your own business.

Is returning to study realistic for me?

Weighing up your options, and even stressing out a bit, is very normal. After all, going back to uni is often a big decision that could change the trajectory of your future. Here are a few things people typically ponder.

  • Is it too late to start over again in another career?

    You’re never too old and it’s never too late. As the saying goes,  time will pass regardless. So will you remain in the same circumstances you’re in now or would you like to be on a new path? Also try changing your mindset and see that your new career begins once you start uni, not once you graduate.

  • I don’t remember how to study… 
    While it may have been many moons since you’ve done research and assignments, or maybe you were last at uni when everything was done with pen and paper, do remember there are plenty of people in the same situation. It’s like starting a new job – it will take a little getting used to, but it’s nothing you can’t learn. Murdoch has a great support system in place to help you be a successful and happy student. 

  • How can I juggle my responsibilities?
    Children, partners, elderly parents, mortgages, and a lifestyle to maintain; this can be a tricky one to manage. However it absolutely can be done and might not be as burdensome as you’d think. We have plenty of tips for juggling study and life.

  • Can I afford it - financially and timewise? 
    There is the option to study part-time or even condense your contact time so you can continue to work in your usual occupation. Read about the Commonwealth supported places scheme and government-supported HELP loans that can both reduce the financial burden. Also research the scholarships available at Murdoch.

Why postgrad at Murdoch

Postgraduate degrees in Perth are wide and varied, and at Murdoch University we have more than 100 courses available. We are recognised nationally for the pursuit of support and learning outcomes, with The Good Universities Guide 2024 rating our postgraduate degrees with five out of five stars for learner engagement, learning resources and student to teacher ratio.

If you have further questions or you’d like to chat with a friendly advisor, please give us a call.

Did you know Murdoch University has achieved a QS Stars five-star rating? That puts us amongst some of the leading universities in the world. 

Think studying a postgraduate degree is right for you? Explore the range of courses on offer at Murdoch to jumpstart the next stage of your career.
Posted on:

2 Oct 2023

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