Why Chelsea feels ready for anything at Murdoch

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How Chelsea discovered her passion and true joy in teaching

It was a winding road to get to the local school in Kalgoorlie, but Chelsea Cook has finally found the thing she is most passionate about: teaching.

Growing up shy in a small high school where she didn’t feel like her voice was heard, Chelsea was always passionate about English and communications. It wasn’t until she discovered the Master of Teaching (Secondary) program at Murdoch that she realised her calling in life.

She wants to use the degree  to explore the world and teach others who have taken a similar, freethinking, path to her. Chelsea completed year 11 and 12 overseas in South Korea, achieving her International Baccalaureate (IB).

“I would love to get a job teaching remote for a few years, then I would love to do the yearlong course at Murdoch to allow me to teach at IB schools. After that I would love to teach overseas, possibly back in South Korea, or in the UK.”

A place where every voice is heard

Chelsea found high school in Australia tough and didn’t really feel like she fit in. She thought she had to keep her opinions to herself to avoid negative comments from other students.

One thing that surprised her at Murdoch was how free she feels to express herself. She has found that even the quietest voices get heard and it’s a place where you are free to be who you are.

“University is great; everyone in the classroom is interested in what you have to contribute and everyone is there to grow and learn. I am much more confident in uni and more likely to speak my mind.”

She loves the culture of the university and the campus, too.

“Every time I step off the bus I feel welcomed and ready for anything. The uni has changed a lot since I first started, and I feel like it is just getting better and better. I love the connection to nature at Murdoch and I just don’t think you get that at other unis.”

Passion and joy have been found in her master’s degree

When Chelsea started out at Murdoch, it wasn’t clear yet what her passion would be.

She studied English and communications and thought marketing might be the place to start her career -  but it didn’t feel quite right.

“When I got to the end of my degree, I decided I wanted to continue studying, so I chose the Master of Teaching program, because teaching was always in the back of my mind.”

“I am almost halfway through and I love teaching. I think I have found my ultimate joy in life.”

The coursework and the support structures around students have helped her land a job at a school in Kalgoorlie  before graduation.

Many great lecturers at Murdoch

If Chelsea hadn’t continued on to study a master’s she might not have found the career she now loves so much.

“I decided to stay at Murdoch for my postgrad studies, because I feel like a part of the family now. I am passionate about my uni and wouldn’t want to study anywhere else.”

During her time at Murdoch she has had many great lecturers and tutors who have opened her eyes to new knowledge.

She believes that the staff are committed to the success of the students.

“Academic chair for the Master of Teaching , Dr Helen Dempsey, has been so helpful and I can feel that she really wants us to do well in our studies.”

“I recently got a letter from the head of education commending me on my grades, as I have been thriving in my teaching studies. That felt really good, because I think I have found my passion, and it feels nice to be commended and to be doing well.”

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3 Jul 2023



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