Advocating for mental health is Jay’s jam

Student counsellor smiles at client

Jay has become a passionate advocate for mental health since studying counselling at Murdoch.

As a nursing graduate, Jay understands better than anyone the importance of healing the whole person, both mind and body. Her interest in helping people led her to study postgraduate counselling at Murdoch University. Having found her niche, Jay is able to advocate for good mental health outcomes for her patients through her studies and practical placements. Murdoch’s own postgraduate student-led clinic has been instrumental to her learning. 

Murdoch’s onsite counselling clinic is one-of-a-kind learning experience

Jay is open-minded and loves being challenged by both education and those around her. Jay is the first person in her immediate family to attend university, and her mum convinced her to continue her university studies by pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Counselling. Now Jay sees real-life clients at the Caladenia Counselling clinic on the Murdoch campus as part of her coursework. Murdoch is the only university to have their own counselling clinic, allowing students to interact with people and provide holistic, person-centred care.

“I love the subjectiveness of counselling,” Jay said.

“Each person reacts, responds, and remembers events, thoughts and feelings completely differently and I love advocating for that.

I love that I am starting my journey to advocate for mental health rights and eradicate the negative stigma associated with mental health.”

Murdoch gives Jay time to delve into in-depth learning

Building on her course’s professional hours over the period of a year – rather than only six months at other universities – allows Jay more time to focus on in-depth learning opportunities.

“I chose to study at Murdoch because of the Master of Counselling program structure,” Jay said.

“I liked that Murdoch provides students with a professional environment for them to learn while undertaking their coursework.

My postgraduate studies were eye-opening in how supportive and understanding peers and academics were in every aspect.”

The Murdoch counselling program gives students more time to focus on other important learning facets of business to provide real-world learning experiences. Jay has first-hand experience working on scheduling, marketing, and administration and learning the intricacies of teamwork with the full support from the academic staff.  

“I really enjoyed participating and managing the marketing for the Caladenia Counselling clinic and seeing referrals come through because of our presence at MarketDaze on campus.”

Real-world learning for postgraduate counselling students

The practical experience and hands-on lectures, Jay said, have cemented her love for counselling. In addition to her work at the Caladenia Counselling clinic, she has enjoyed a placement at the Western Australian Aids Council (WAAC).  Perhaps the most eye- opening experience was an opportunity to explore animal therapy as part of the Trauma Counselling unit.

“The pure excitement of everyone really told me how needed and successful working with animals is in the counselling space.”

“We got to engage with horses, dogs, cats, lambs, chickens and, of course, people.

“It was incredible to see the effects the outdoors and nature have on people.”

Jay’s postgrad experience at Murdoch has been so positive she’s now studying a Master of Counselling degree. Her placements at Caladenia Counselling and WAAC were key factors in her decision to continue her studies. Jay’s friendship group has also been an important part of her university experience and she has a large network of friends within the counselling community.

“Murdoch helped solidify my love for counselling,” Jay said.

“I have loved my experience being here and I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years already. I would recommend Murdoch University to anyone that is looking to further their knowledge in the counselling profession.”

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1 Aug 2023



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