Beyond coding: Go further with a Master of IT from Murdoch

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Art, psychology, and the human body. Three very different fields, but Murdoch Master of Information Technology alumnus, Gursimar Singh saw an opportunity to join these areas with one thing: technology.

Completing his undergraduate degree in India, Gursimar moved to Australia to explore new places, meet new people, and continue his education through postgraduate studies. Looking for a university that focused on both technical skills and business acumen was key to finding the right uni for Gursimar.

“I wanted to build on the foundations from my undergraduate degree. I didn’t want to learn to code better, I wanted to learn the practical skills needed for the business world and the processes behind a successful product,” he said.

“The Master of Information Technology offered all of this, and placed high importance on practical learning, which was important to me.”

With three specialisations to choose from, IT ManagementCyber Security and Networking and, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, when you study at Murdoch, there is an opportunity to craft your postgraduate degree to align with areas you’re interested in and your career aspirations.

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Choosing to study IT Management allowed Gursimar to explore the interconnectedness between problem solving, creative solutions, the way the human mind works, and the role technology can play.

“I learnt to understand system design and the importance of understanding human-computer interactions to design user-friendly platforms. I also learnt the value in data visualisation and how to represent data in a compelling way to tell a story,” he said.

“I loved how things connected and how well they could complement one another. The best thing I learnt was how to think better, question things better, and understand and evaluate an answer better. I think I found a new way to love technology that I didn't know before.”

Since completing his Masters and being recognised for the Communications Expert Group Prize, and the Jim Ellis Prize for Best Information Technology Graduate, Gursimar has been involved in the CERI Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, where he explored the existing start-up community in Perth and the current market trends and different mindsets and skillsets people have when starting a start-up.

Following the completion of the bootcamp, Gursimar landed a job with Bicep Labour Pty Ltd as an Information Technology Developer. Working to build a cross-platform application, he says the implementation of more advanced technology and systems will help with the digital transformation of the business.

“I am currently working on the minimum viable product (MVP) which will launch in a few months and will allow people to hire and manage workers for their businesses in a more efficient way.”

“Working to develop this MVP has given me great exposure to the company’s leadership team and demonstrates the true value in a user-friendly platform. I have used so many of the skills learnt at Murdoch, from learning how to visualise workstreams to developing dashboards and BPMN modelling. I truly believe I can mould myself into any position as I now have the necessary skills for most roles.” 

With a five-star rating for overall postgraduate experience from the Good University Guide, take your career to the next level with a Master of IT. 
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13 Oct 2022


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