What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

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Recognition of Prior Learning is a great way to reduce the amount of time and money spent on a postgraduate degree.

You may have heard of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) before, or maybe know it as Advanced Standing. But what exactly does it mean, and how will it make a difference for you if you decide to study a postgraduate degree?

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL means you are able to receive credit towards a degree if you have:

  • Previously studied units relevant to the new degree, or
  • Professional work experience in a relevant field.

If you are granted RPL, you could reduce the overall study load and shorten the length of your degree. And because you’re completing a qualification in a shorter period of time, you can save money on fees too.

How does this work in the real world?

Say you’re an HR professional, for example. You need additional qualifications to progress to the next level in the corporate world, so you may be looking into a Master of Human Resources Management. With this, Murdoch could potentially allow advanced standing entry with evidence of two years’ work experience or even through informal industry learning.

Am I eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning?

You will need to provide thorough, concrete documentation with your application.

If you have prior relevant formal study, you’ll need the following for your application:

  • Your official academic transcript and course certificate you received upon graduation
  • If requesting specific unit exemptions, you’ll need a detailed unit outline or course syllabus to show that you’ve achieved the equivalent learning outcomes.

If you have prior relevant work experience, make sure you gather the following information:

  • A cover letter outlining your situation
  • Your current resume stating your past and present work and training
  • A detailed statement of criteria for each unit you’re applying for. You’ll need to address how you achieved the unit’s required learning outcomes in your professional experience.

You don’t necessarily have to have graduated from the previous course. RPL can be granted if you partially complete a degree with the applicable units. Also note that formal education doesn’t always mean university; you can also apply with relevant units from TAFE and some registered training organisations.

Can I use RPL to switch unis?

Yes, you can. Gather information from your current university – namely, your academic transcript and unit outlines.

See if you’re eligible for Advanced Standing here.

How to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

You can do this during the usual application process. Make sure you have all your information together beforehand, however. Apply for a postgraduate course now.

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8 Aug 2023

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