Travelling to Murdoch to change lives back home in Ghana

International student Emmanuel Dei standing and smiling on King Street, Perth

Originally from Ghana, Emmanuel travelled to Murdoch on an Australia Award Scholarship to fulfil a lifelong dream of improving blood services back home.

Pursuing a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch

Emmanuel made the near 13,000km life-changing journey from Ghana to Perth after being awarded an Australia Award Africa Scholarship.

A prestigious international scholarship, Australia Awards offers the next generation of global leaders from more than 50 developing countries an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia.

"Murdoch was the only university in Australia which was offering my aspirations and interests in one course - the Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership. The leadership aspect attracted me because I want to be a global citizen leading change."

The only course of its kind in Australia, Murdoch's Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership is designed to help students like Emmanuel become a fully informed and competent health industry leader.

Prior to studying at Murdoch, Emmanuel worked in the National Blood Service of Ghana as a Senior Research, Planning and Data Officer and has participated and spoken at international blood transfusion congresses in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Denmark, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Emmanuel enrolled at Murdoch University to fulfil his passion for promoting and improving blood services in Ghana and the wider African community.

"I want to make an impact in health service delivery in Ghana and across Africa. I want to gain the necessary leadership skills needed to transform the health industry, improve the health of humanity and provide universal health coverage for all, especially marginalised populations."

Feeling at home at Murdoch and in Perth

By choosing to study a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership, Emmanuel has the ability to specialise in the areas of health administration and leadership, evaluation and policy, or health informatics and analytics.

"My degree is already preparing and shaping me to think about health on a global level while challenging me to harness my inner potential. I'm confident that I'll be able to cause change in any setting I find myself in using evidence-based principles and concepts."

Murdoch's emphasis on alternative teaching methods like the Work Integrated Learning program, gives students the opportunity to intern with government agencies (e.g. WA Health), not-for-profit organisations (Red Cross and Ngala) and small to medium enterprises.

"What I like most about studying in Murdoch is the teaching methods and supportive environment aimed at making students excel in their endeavours. The environment allows you to think freely and differently without limiting your potentials."

This ethos extends out of the classroom, creating a campus where students can be themselves and excel in their studies.

"Murdoch has a warm and welcoming ambiance that makes you feel comfortable to be yourself. The supportive culture at Murdoch gives me the peace of mind to concentrate on my studies without worrying about failure because I have the conviction that all faculty and facilities are there to support me to be successful."

Emmanuel has also easily fit into the wider multicultural Perth landscape.

"Perth is a liveable city that embraces all persons with different cultural backgrounds. The city is affordable for students to live, study and work and has a fantastic balance between modern development (sophisticated buildings and skyscrapers) and nature (greenery, clean air, birds and water bodies).

"It suits the lifestyles of people who enjoy the quiet life as well as those who like the hyper life."

Striving to make the world healthier

When looking towards the future, Emmanuel aims to use the knowledge and skills gained through his studies to contribute to producing better health outcomes, especially for marginalised populations, women and children.

"Murdoch is helping to understand and shape my dream beyond what I had planned to do in future. Murdoch is preparing me to be successful in the career path I have chosen by empowering me with the essential skills and knowledge that I need to think freely, differently and positively.

"I would recommend Murdoch to other students because it is a place that will support them to challenge their fears and realise their hidden potentials without losing themselves. They will gain in-depth knowledge and internationally recognised skills that are relevant to the real world.

"Murdoch will set them up on a career that will make then global citizens to lead change in the world."

Learn more about Murdoch's Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership, the only course of its kind in Australia.
Posted on:

24 Jun 2023



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