Where could an MBA at Murdoch take you?

Adam Kinnest pitching at Pitch@Palace

Nursing graduate and current MBA student Adam Kinnest shares his tips on life, study and entrepreneurship. Find out what drives Adam and why Murdoch’s MBA is helping him to realise his career goals.

Tell us about yourself and your journey at Murdoch so far

I come from a rural working-class family and I’m actually the first member of my family to take on a master’s degree. This background and the sense of wanting to be the first, wanting to break the mould, is what drives me. This has obviously led into my achievements with launching my own business idea, Kiwa Techwear.

That drive, passion and purpose also drove me to take on the challenge of Pitch@Palace where I made the national round as one of the top 42 entrepreneurs in Australia and was given the opportunity to pitch my idea to an influential crowd of global business and industry leaders, including HRH The Duke of York.

Now, I work as a business manager and facilitator for Gemstar Technology, supporting Western Australian SMEs in entering the Asian market.

Why did you choose to study a MBA at Murdoch?

I am a previous Murdoch student and I think it definitely guided me towards considering the Murdoch MBA first. But, I also believe the University is one of the most inclusive schools – it definitely encourages diversity and inclusivity. It’s a campus for everyone and that’s a large part of why I’m here.

What do you think sets the Murdoch MBA apart from the other universities?

Murdoch has one of the most diversified group of students in its course – we’re working with real industry leaders. It’s quite interesting to be a part of a program aimed specifically at people with experience who are looking to be more educated leaders in their fields. It’s a very holistic way of approaching this particular subject and lends well to social learning.

I also found it quite intriguing that it’s one of the only universities teaching sustainable business as part of their core offerings. It’s something unique, something a little bit more than just having the usual accounting or business basics units.

Would you recommend the MBA at Murdoch University to others?

I think it depends on the person – this is a very specialist course. If you’re willing to be open and have your perceptions challenged, then yes, this would really benefit you. But, it should really be for people who have built up some experience in their field so they know how to apply the knowledge right away or in the best way for their career.

What do you hope to achieve at the end of your MBA?

The main thing I want is to be a stronger industry leader and have the backing to be a positive voice in the business community. This program will allow me to value-add in both my current career and in previously overlooked parts of the community.

Do you have any tips for current or future MBA students?

One of the main lessons I’ve learnt through my Murdoch journey is you get back what you put in. It’s about investing in yourself, surrounding yourself with positive people and good mentors – that’s the way I’ve gotten through and achieved what I’ve achieved. 

Explore Murdoch’s MBA programs and find the right fit for your career

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23 Oct 2020


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