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Believe it or not, there’s more to uni than just study.

While keeping on top of your assignments and exams is important, it’s just as essential to make the most of those non-study activities happening on campus. One of best ways to do this is to check out the clubs and societies on offer through the Murdoch Guild.

With everything from the Murdoch Rockers, Esports, the Kanye Club, and The Hummus Society, there are more than 110 different clubs and societies to choose from. Here are five reasons why you should join at least one of them:

Take a break from study

The best way to get the most out of your uni experience is to get involved wherever you can, and not just academically. Forget about your weekly readings for a moment and see what uni has to offer beyond your course curriculum. With myriad of events and activities run by each club, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do if you’re looking for a break from study.

Meet new people

Attending your classes and lectures are an obvious way to meet new people, but it can be tricky trying to get to know them with only 45 minutes, and while it’s during a lecture. And if the idea of starting a conversation with a total stranger doesn’t sound too appealing to you, socialising with people you know already have similar interests as you at least gives you something to talk about.    

Find out what you like

Curious about something you don’t know much about? An organised community of people like a club or society can help you expand your interests through opportunities you might not usually get elsewhere, and they are a welcome place to be a part of something new – whether that’s a new club or friendship group!

Do something you enjoy

If you’re already pretty set on what you like, why not hang out with people who understand your burning passions? Each club puts on their own meetings and events, giving you plenty of opportunities to get involved and make the most of what you enjoy being a part of.

Being part of a club is also a handy way to meet people outside your course of study but who have similar interests. And if you’re feeling particularly entrepreneurial, this is also a great way to take advantage of opportunities for collaboration with people with different skill sets and experience.

Have fun!

It goes without saying: joining a club or society is all about having fun. Whether you’re serious about what you love, or harbour just a casual interest, clubs and societies offer avenues to explore all levels of interest and enjoy the experience along the way.

Clubs and Societies you can join at Murdoch 

Still not sure what clubs and societies are all about? We spoke to a few to get an insight into what they’re all about.  

Murdoch Criminology Society

“The Murdoch Criminology Society is a student-run society that aims to cultivate a campus environment that helps students to access the resources they need to develop a sense of belonging while discovering their passion.

“We also aim to represent the needs, and facilitate the interaction between, Murdoch Criminology students and education and job opportunities in the criminal justice system. We are committed to enriching the academic, personal and professional growth of Murdoch Criminology students.”

Murdoch Criminology Society

Sri Lankan Australian Youth Association

“We are a student-run, not-for-profit organisation based in Perth. Our organisation orchestrates a variety of social, educational, cultural and sporting events each year in order to have an advantageous impact on the wider community as all the proceeds from our events benefit various charities in Australia and Sri Lanka, including The Indigenous Literacy Foundation and The Foundation of Goodness as our clubs for focus in 2019.”

Sri Lankan Australian Youth Association

Murdoch CoderDojo Society

“Are you ready to make an impact on the next generation? We are a volunteer-run community aiming to help young people aged 7-17 year olds learn to code in an informal, safe and social environment.

“As a member of our society you will learn the soft skills required to provide support, guidance and encouragement to young people whilst also developing your own technical skills. IT not your forte? No worries; there are a number of opportunities for you to gain an insight into project management, fundraising, volunteer coordination and to help facilitate team building exercises.”

Murdoch Divers Club

“Being a part of the Murdoch University Divers Club is like being part of a great family that really appreciates the marine environment. We provide great prices for equipment hire that as a student are very affordable and keep us Murdoch students in the water. We also do great events like sea, land and harbour clean-ups collaborating with other Murdoch Environmental Clubs and local councils.”

Murdoch Divers Club 

Murdoch University Melville Cricket Club

“We are a strong and successful community club based on campus that welcomes players of all ages and abilities from all walks of life (especially Murdoch Students!). With state of the art facilities, regular social events and competitive cricket in the WA Suburban Turf Cricket Association we provide a great environment to play cricket and make new friends.”

Young Statisticians at Murdoch University

“The Young Statisticians at Murdoch a subcommittee of the Statistics Society of Australia which forms part of the broader Young Statisticians Network. We endeavour to create opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students who have an interest in statistics. Members meet and mingle with peers and distinguished statisticians at Australian Statistical conferences or social events such as career nights and dinners.

“We hold monthly meetings, which include seminars by invited speakers who are involved with the practice of statistics either locally, nationally or internationally.

“YS Murdoch is a place where you belong, connect with others, advance your career and feel inspired. Our core purpose is to connect you with great people and create great opportunities so that you can be successful in studies and your career aspirations.”

Check out all the clubs and societies on offer through the Murdoch Guild

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9 Apr 2019

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