Outsmarting AI using Library tools & resources

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Are you concerned about students using AI tools to generate assignment responses?

In an effort to reduce student use of these tools, the Library provides a number of resources to help you set assignments using case studies, pinpoint referencing and annotated bibliographies.

Case studies

We offer a number of subscription databases that include case studies. You can search for case studies using Library Search or directly in a database.

To search for case studies, use the search string  ("case study" OR "case studies") AND [your topic].

Search string: (

Databases with case studies include:

  • AccessMedicine Case Files Collection. Medicine. International. Case studies include discussion, clinical pearls and references, definitions of key terms, and review questions with detailed explanations of the correct answers.
  • Informit. Multidisciplinary. Australasian. Articles describing case studies.
  • ProQuest Central. Multidisciplinary. International. Articles describing case studies.
  • SAGE Business Cases. Business, management, marketing and economics. International. Case studies include discussion questions and Teaching Notes (contact the Library for access to TNs). 

Annotated bibliographies

To assist your students with creating annotated bibliographies, we have updated our referencing guides to include guidelines in accordance with each referencing style. You can find links to this information below.

Pinpoint referencing

You can request your students use pinpoint referencing to ensure they are generating their own text and sources. To assist, our referencing guides detail how to include page numbers in in-text references (see links below). 

Generative AI

For cases where it is appropriate for students to use AI generated content, we have updated our referencing guides to include referencing standards for generative AI (see below).


Writing annotated bibliographiesReferencing with page numbersReferencing generative AI

For more research or referencing assistance, please contact the Library.


Outsmarting AI using Library tools & resources

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