Thinking of studying in Perth? A Murdoch student’s story.

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International study in Perth is an exciting leap into a new future, but as with any unknown experience, you’re likely to have questions.

Are you an international student considering undergraduate or postgraduate study at Murdoch University? We welcome you to an amazing experience in your education – not to mention your social and personal life. 

What you’ll love about living in Perth 

Perth, the cheerful and relaxed capital of Western Australia with a population of two million, is frequently hailed as one of the most liveable cities in the world. It’s not hard to see why:  

  • The sunniest capital city in Australia, basking in Mediterranean-like weather. 

  • A multicultural melting pot with one-third of Perth-dwellers born overseas. 

  • Tourism opportunities with wineries to the east, long stretches of white beaches to the west, a big blue river for water activities, and parks full of wildlife.  

  • A great cultural scene with entertainment, sports, and restaurants. 

  • Low crime rate and low pollution.

  • Plenty of employment and career opportunities in a growing state.

Why postgraduate study at Murdoch?

Did you know Murdoch University has achieved a QS Stars five-star rating that puts it amongst some of the leading universities in the world, and also has multiple five-star ratings for our undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the Good Universities Guide?  

Not only do we excel in academics, but our campus is often viewed favourably as a home-away-from-home for students, nestled in a cosy native Australian woodland setting.  

A first-hand account of the postgraduate international experience 

Student Shuang Li is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Cyber Security and Forensics, having also studied her bachelor’s here. Originally from China, Shuang came to Perth for more opportunity, and she’s already getting a taste of a real world career. 

“For international students, the most important thing is the career prospects after studying and graduating. Murdoch’s courses are very practical, and students can get internship opportunities which helps to transfer the knowledge learned in class to real life,” she said. 

“I am currently working as a part-time cyber security cadet; an internship I got through Murdoch University. It’s a challenging and exciting opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in a supportive team that will invest in my development, and it’s practice for solving real business challenges in cyber security.” 

There are other advantages in choosing to study at Murdoch. Shuang received the International Welcome Scholarship which provided 20 per cent off her tuition fee, helping to  reduce workload and financial pressure. 

University support for international students 

We pride ourselves on the outstanding support system provided to all students in our community. You can: 

  • Discover more than 100 clubs and societies

  • Book a Peer Academic Coach. These are fellow students offering free consultations for study success. 

  • Take a workshop to get you on the right track (or back on track). 

  • Try our mentoring services that link students with professionals. 

  • Chat to experienced staff. Lecturers and tutors are a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help. 

“Murdoch provides various support services for students, especially MyAdvice. When international students encounter any learning or life problems, they can ask Murdoch for help,” Shuang said. 

Shuang’s top five tips for success 

Having earned one undergraduate degree and now working towards a postgraduate, she’s well versed in what it takes to be a successful student. She says: 

  •  Take a proactive role in your learning. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • Manage your time and your assignments well. 

  • Try to get involved in as many opportunities as you can. 

  • Take care of your body. Your health is the first priority. 

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Posted on:

29 Aug 2022

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