Shuang Li: Improving lives with IT and computer networks

Shaung Li with books

Taking an alternative route to pursuing her dreams of becoming an IT professional, Shuang is hoping to use her studies to improve the lives of others by designing and managing secure computer networks.

Growing up watching her father repair computers in China, Shuang’s interest in IT was sparked from a young age.

“I began to develop an interest in computers when I was a little girl. It was from watching my father repair computers and write programs. I still remember my initial fascination with my father working with computers and my enjoyment of watching him work on them.”

Now studying a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Internetworking and Network Security and Cyber Security and Forensics at Murdoch, Shuang is looking forward to her future career in the fast-paced technology industry.

“Internetworking and cyber security are promising fields and offer great possibilities for career development.”

“Networks are everywhere right now. To work on the security and effectiveness of them has become more and more important and so I believe that I will get a good job after I graduate from Murdoch.”

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Taking the road less travelled

The path you follow to university is not always the same for everyone and, no matter what your circumstances are, there are a range of pathways to help international students gain entry into Murdoch.

“Unlike other university students, instead of going directly to university, I entered Murdoch University by a TAFE Uni-Pathway.

“I completed Cert IV and Diploma of Information Technology Networking in South Metropolitan TAFE in 2018 and it was a great experience.”

When applying to Murdoch through this pathway, Shuang’s TAFE studies were taken into consideration.

“After graduating from TAFE, I received an exemption of 24 credit points from Murdoch, so I only needed to continue my studies at Murdoch for two years (instead of three) to complete my undergraduate studies.”

Not only did studying at TAFE mean Shuang received advanced standing for her Murdoch course, but it also meant she was eligible for Murdoch’s International Welcome Scholarship – Australia.

As part of a range of scholarships on offer for international students, the International Welcome Scholarship – Australia provides eligible onshore international students with a 20 per cent reduction in their course fees.

“The International Welcome Scholarship has been really helpful for my studies and life load, plus it helps me to put more energy into my studies.”

Perth - making keeping in touch with home easy

Consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, and now with a regional city status, Perth is a youthful and diverse city with vibrant nightlife, spectacular outdoor spaces and a unique urban charm.

Sharing the same time zone with a large proportion of the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shaung believes that settling into life in Perth was made easier by the ease at which she could stay in contact with home

“Perth and China are in the same time zone and there is no time difference between them. This was important, as it made it easier for me to communicate with my family and friends in China.”

Shaung holding reptile at Open Day

Planning for the future

Entering the workforce as an employable and knowledgeable graduate makes all the difference in today’s competitive job market.

With her Murdoch degree, Shuang believes that she will be more than equipped to take on the working world and can hit the ground running as an information technology professional.

“As an international student, the most important thing is the career prospects after studying and graduating.

Murdoch's courses are very practical, and students can also get internship opportunities, which helps us to transfer the knowledge learned in the classroom to real life.

“Murdoch has wonderful facilities for studying, like the latest mixed and augmented reality equipment, operational data centre and high-performance computing labs, which means I get to gain a solid foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of different dimensions of network security and will be prepared for job in the network field.

“This will also allow me to develop the computing skills needed to design, implement, manage and keep computer networks secure to help improve people’s lives.”

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