Mehtab Singh: Striving towards a selfless career in nursing

Mehtab Singh holding books

Aiming to build a career helping the ill and saving lives, Mehtab set out to study nursing at Murdoch to learn how to provide the best holistic healthcare possible.

Originally from India before deciding to make the big move to study at Murdoch, Mehtab extensively researched Australian universities and was very happy with what he discovered about Murdoch.

“I went through a good research process before I decided to commence my degree at Murdoch.

“Murdoch is a well-known university, which supports its students, and I found very good student satisfaction ratings over the internet. I was so amazed by the level of courses offered and scholarships they provide.”

In addition to his research, it was his friends’ recommendations that helped Mehtab to make the final decision to make the 7,000km+ journey to Perth to begin his nursing degree.

“I ended up choosing to study at Murdoch because it was highly suggested by my friends who studied here, and they really encouraged me to come here and experience the education system in Australia.”

Linking theory to practise

Always having had an interest in the health industry, it was the selfless nature of nurses and the care they have for their patients that inspired Mehtab to pursue a nursing career.

“I always see nurses caring for patients by working so hard. They make such good relationships with patients to provide holistic care.

“I want to provide the best holistic care I can to the ill people and save lives.”

With strong links to industry and a heavy focus on practical work experience, Murdoch’s nursing degree allows students to learn in on-campus clinical teaching wards and modern simulation suites.

Students are also provided with the opportunity to complete 18 weeks of work experience in hospitals, aged care and community settings throughout WA.

“Murdoch is helping me to develop the skills I need to save lives. I think the nursing course at Murdoch is excellent. It is a well-structured course that develops critical thinking within its students.

“The simulation labs provide a great opportunity for us to link theory to practise, and I have been exposed to practising and developing every type of clinical skill I will need in the healthcare industry.

“I want to work in the aged care industry and Murdoch has provided me with the opportunity to do practicals in aged care.”

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Support through every stage of his Murdoch journey

Having missed his orientation session due to a visa delay, Mehtab was blown away by the support he received from Murdoch staff to ensure that, once he arrived in Perth, he was settled and adjusting to his new life at Murdoch.

“I remember that when I first arrived, I had missed my orientation because of my visa delay.

“Murdoch Student Advisors gave me a special orientation once I finally landed in Perth and welcomed me to the University, which was really helpful.”

After Mehtab settled into his new home and classes had begun, support with his studies continued with the help of lecturers, unit coordinators and other support services throughout the university.

“There are always many resources available at the university which aims to provide support to the students. Unit coordinators and tutors were so supportive and that helped me in my initial days of studies.

“The support I have received from Murdoch has led to one of my favourite university experiences: the moment when I successfully passed my first semester. Because I was new to everything in terms of country, culture and studies, I only passed the semester because of the support I had received.”

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Posted on:

19 Aug 2020

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