Shamiso Gambe: Feeling glorious in her Bachelor of Nursing

Following her passion for caring, Shamiso’s journey started with an unfinished TAFE application, and led to a decision to pursue nursing at Murdoch University.

Knowing the unnecessary pain caused by improper medical attention, Shamiso knew that when she grew up, she would work to help as many people as possible avoid the same experience.

“I have a really big heart, so I believe you can help someone get healthy again while acting with compassion,” said Shamiso.

That’s when she looked into starting her career in nursing at TAFE. However, before finishing her application, Shamiso spoke with a Murdoch University representative about pursing a Bachelor of Nursing instead.

“One of the Murdoch representatives enlightened me on the options I would have and what campus life would be like if I applied to Murdoch University. I fell in love instantly.”

Easing the transition from high school to university

Moving from Zimbabwe to Australia as an international student is a big change, and it can be a lot to process without the right support.

“Trying to adapt to the university lifestyle can be a bit hard – but I’ve never felt completely lost at Murdoch because I know where to go when I need help.”

Murdoch University has a comprehensive support network available that considers the unique requirements of international students, like Shamiso.

Whether you need course advice, study assistance or even help breaking into the industry; the Murdoch team are there to help you through the process.

Shamiso experienced this with her hands-on nursing lecturers.

“Murdoch has helped me follow my pathway by providing lecturers who are actual registered nurses, all with their own stories to tell ... I love that they are always available to help when I’m having a hard time.”

Getting immersed in campus life

Even before joining Murdoch’s vibrant community, Shamiso made sure to take advantage of all the opportunities at her fingertips.

This included setting herself up for financial success with Murdoch’s International Welcome Scholarship (IWS).

“I received the IWS which helped me financially, and was a major stress relief for my parents as well. I felt more relaxed with my studies because I wasn’t worried my university fees weren’t paid.”

The importance of financial security at university cannot be overstated, and with the help of the IWS, Shamiso could invest time into broadening her horizons at Murdoch.

“During my degree, I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to be a member of the Murdoch Guild … Campaigning for the Guild election was really exciting! It also facilitated our Guild team to become more of a family than anything else.”

While it may not seem like campaigning for a university election would be related to Shamiso’s nursing degree, it was. By getting involved, Shamiso was able to build excellent communication and teamwork skills, which will stand out on her resume when entering the workforce.

Living out her mermaid dreams at Perth beaches

Soaking up the sun at renowned Perth beaches, like Cottesloe and Scarborough, Shamiso has been making the most out of the sunny Perth lifestyle

“I love that I can go to the beach anytime, especially during sunset. In another life, I would be a mermaid just for this reason!”

What better place to live out your childhood dreams than Perth, thanks to the 1,250 kilometres of beautiful coastline.

When Shamiso isn’t soaking up the sun, she loves spending time at Murdoch’s beautiful South Street campus .

“Murdoch University has really become a second home to me.”

“I would recommend my friends to come here, as I know for a fact that they will enjoy it.”

Caring on a global scale thanks to her Bachelor of Nursing

With her nursing degree nearing the end, Shamiso reflected on where she hopes her Bachelor of Nursing will take her.

“Upon graduating, I would first want to work in acute care, then later transition to become a nurse practitioner.”

Shamiso’s aspirations don’t stop there – she looks to take her compassionate approach to nursing international, to help those living with an underdeveloped healthcare system.

“Many places in the world have a shortage of medical support. So, in the future I would want to travel from country to country, teaching the principles of medical care, and offering my services where I can.”

With an exciting future ahead, Shamiso proves that with a free-thinking mindset learned at Murdoch University, global opportunity is open to those ready to take on the challenge.

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Posted on:

14 Jun 2021

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