Studying forensic science abroad in Australia

Murdoch student Ian at Whitby Falls Farm

Ian Lim, 25 Master of Forensic Science (Professional Practice and Research)

A little about me

I am an international student from Singapore, studying a master’s at Murdoch. My plan after high school was to study veterinary bioscience at a pre-university institution (the TAFE equivalent back in Singapore) and move on to veterinary medicine at university. However, I had a mentor during my internship at a lab back home who was a trained human pathologist. She shared the experiences she’d had while working in Hong Kong: crime scenes involving triads, stabbings, guns. It was intriguing. I have a strong sense of justice, so the thought of being able to help prove someone is guilty, or not, was appealing to me.

Moving from Singapore to study forensics at Murdoch

Singapore didn’t have an established forensic science course, so I had to look for overseas alternatives. I met Dr Paola Magni when she was on a trip to Singapore, and she gave me a brief introduction to the undergraduate course and further studies. She said the courses were very well-established and are some of the best programs in Australia due to the experience of the teaching staff and unit content. I was immediately hooked.

I applied to Murdoch during my national service and got an acceptance letter for the forensics undergraduate program, Bachelor of Forensic Biology and Toxicology. I also received the International Welcome Scholarship. I graduated and I’ve gone on to postgraduate studies in a Master of Forensic Science (Professional Practice and Research).

Coming to Perth to study is a whole new world for me, as I lived with my parents back in Singapore. Being able to find the balance between school, social life, and living alone is gratifying for me. My experience here is one I will never regret having.

My impression of Murdoch University

There isn’t a reason not to come to Murdoch. I would recommend Murdoch to others, especially for the forensics and veterinary courses which are internationally well known. I really enjoy the environment on campus – having The Student Hub as a place to meet and study is wonderful. I have also been surprised how friendly and engaging the lecturers are.  I like how they make an effort to communicate and get to know each of their students.

Practical experiences in the forensics course

I have been to Whitby Farm for a two-day, one-night practical assessment. We performed a grave excavation following proper protocols and using equipment very similar to what the police force use. It was fun to get dirty. When we found the ‘body’, we felt very satisfied that we managed to succeed in our task. After that assessment, we also presented our findings in a moot court, which is something we may have to do in our future line of work.

A typical day on campus

Our lessons start at 12:30pm. I usually meet with my friends at The Student Hub to chill or talk about schoolwork. We would then head up to the lecture room. After lectures, it is either studying a bit  in The Student Hub or go home. Murdoch people are amazing. I have good friendships with many of my classmates, and I believe this will help create great connections in our careers. 


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6 Apr 2022

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