How a law degree from Murdoch set me up for a career in Malaysia

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Why study at Murdoch University? We asked one of our international graduates this question and he gave his advice for students interested in making the same leap he did.

Studying at a university overseas is a huge decision. While at first it might seem like it’s just about the course you want to pursue, there are so many other factors that come in to play.

For example, what cultural experience do you want? What kind of campus could you see yourself strolling through? Are there plenty of other international students who understand your journey? What kind of support will the university provide for you? And what career progression can you make because of your study choice?

What is it like studying in Perth?

Perth, Australia  is a city of two million people, and well-known for long sunny days, pretty beaches, low pollution, and excellent career opportunities. Studying and living overseas means you have access to unforgettable travel experiences, and the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture. Within hours of Perth you could be:

  • Swimming with dolphins or whale watching
  • Meeting quokkas, also known as ‘the world’s happiest animal’
  • Marvelling in wonder at karri forests (some of the world’s tallest trees)
  • Sipping wine in the world-renowned Margaret River region
  • Climbing and hiking the vast open countryside
  • Visiting famous surfing beaches
  • Snorkelling over reefs or diving shipwrecks
  • Learning about ancient Indigenous culture, and
  • Exploring caves and geological formations that are a million years old.

Beautiful WA coastline

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It’s safe to say that Western Australia is an outdoor wonderland! Conveniently for you, plenty of these activities are available through Murdoch’s social program. You don’t have to travel far for fun though. The city also offers nightlife and entertainment, modern restaurants and cafes, and great shopping precincts.

Studying at Murdoch can further your career

For Bachelor of Laws graduate Norman Tan, he initially looked into studying in the UK but preferred the system and style of teaching in Australia.

“Murdoch allowed me to gain more practical skills and exposed me to the ‘real world’ of the legal industry. Whilst it is important to learn the black letter law and interpret statutory legislation, studying at Murdoch taught me practical skills such as interviewing clients, file management, and handling client expectations,” he said.

“I learned that being a lawyer is not only providing legal advice by applying the law to the client’s problem, it also involves dealing with issues from the client’s perspective and generating creative options. This shaped a more holistic education, which eventually helped me to develop my lawyering skills in a more sophisticated manner.”

“My supervisors are particularly impressed with the manner I handle clients, especially highly-demanding ones.”

The international student social life in Perth

Perth is one of the most multicultural cities in Australia, and although he’d heard through the grapevine that Murdoch was a friendly university, Norman admitted he had reservations about being from a different cultural background and whether he’d ‘blend in’.

“I was really surprised how accepting everyone was. Race, religion, and language did not really matter at all in being part of Murdoch University,” he said. “I was frequently invited to different things – formal, like talks, or informal, like parties and get-together sessions. I made a handful of friends whom I still keep in contact with despite now being back in Malaysia.”

An international student’s tips for success

Considering moving to Perth as an international student? Norman offered this advice:

  • Participate in social activities.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and speak to people you meet on campus. “Everyone on campus is very friendly and will never make you feel isolated in the community.”
  • Use the study and lifestyle resources available on and off campus. “I particularly remember one Student Success Advisor who supported me throughout my studies.”
  • Take time to walk around the campus.
  • It’s a relaxing environment with lush bush landscapes to clear your head.
  • There’s no such thing as a stupid question. There are resources and staff to assist you every step of the way – especially as an international student or someone new to Perth.

Learn more about studying at Murdoch University as an international student. Welcome to your new home.

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31 Aug 2022

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