Getting around Perth

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From public transport, to rideshares, to your very own bicycle, Perth is an easy and accommodating city to navigate. Read on to learn more about your options for getting around Perth.

Public transport in Perth

Transperth provides public transport services in the Perth Metropolitan area including busses, trains and ferries. You can purchase a SmartRider card and load money for convenient travel. As a full-time international student, you are entitled to 40% off full rate fares through your SmartRider card.

SmartRider cards can be purchased through the Guild on-campus (visit the stall in the library), and at select train stations or retail outlets. They can be used on any Transperth bus, train or ferry.

Note: If you do not have a registered tertiary SmartRider card, you are not eligible for discounted travel. Your student card alone is not accepted. If you pay a student fare without a Tertiary SmartRider, you face an AUD$100 on the spot fine.

The closest train station to Murdoch University is the Murdoch train station, located 1km east of campus on South Street. Several other busses stop at various points on campus. More information on routes and journey planning can be found on the Transperth website.

Cycling around Perth

Cycling is a great way to get to Murdoch and bike racks are located in at least thirty different spots on campus. The Perth campus also has covered and secured bike storage facilities.

The Western Australian government produces a number of TravelSmart guides that help you find walking, cycling and public transport options in various areas around Perth. You are required by law to wear a quality-assured safety helmet whilst riding a bike, as well as observe road safety rules.

You can find these guides at on the Department of Transport website.

Driving around Perth

If you currently have a valid overseas licence, you can drive for as long as it remains valid in the country of issue. You can only drive the types of vehicles your overseas licence authorises you to drive, and you must carry your licence with you at all times while driving. If your overseas licence is not in English, you must carry an international driving permit or an approved English translation of your licence with you when driving.

Should your overseas licence expire or cease to be valid, you must apply for a Western Australian driver’s license if you wish to continue driving. The Licensing Centre closest to Murdoch University is located in Cannington, about a 20 minute drive from Murdoch. More information about applying for a driver’s licence in Western Australia can be found on the Department of Transport’s website.

Driving in Australia

Car ownership - When deciding whether to purchase a car, there are a number of additional costs to consider including the purchase price, petrol, maintenance costs, parking and registration. All cars must have current registration, which includes paying a fee every 3, 6 or 12 months.

As part of the registration fee, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance is included, which means you’re covered if you’re held responsible for any injuries or fatalities to third parties caused in an accident.

CTP does not cover damage to cars, vehicles or property. So if you’re responsible for an accident, you could be liable to pay for the damage to other cars or property if you only have CTP insurance – this could be a huge sum of money! It is therefore recommended that you buy additional insurance for protection.

Car insurance is offered by a variety of insurance companies such as RAC, Allianz, AAMI, SGIO, HBF, Bupa and QBE. It is important that you compare quotes and coverage levels from different insurance companies before deciding on a policy.

Parking on campus - If you choose to drive to campus, you will be able to park in one of nine different car parks on campus. A parking permit is required for all parking on weekdays before 5pm and can be purchased on a daily, semester or yearly basis from the Student Centre or online. Go to the Murdoch website to find out more.

Taxis in Perth

You can hire a taxi by phone or app or find them at designated taxi ranks. Taxis will charge based on distance driven and whether or not they will need to wait for you during the service. For example, if you ask the taxi to drive you to the supermarket and wait for you, you will be charged for ‘waiting time’. Taxis are generally the most expensive form of paid transport to hire, and may not be available in certain locations or at certain times so make sure you plan ahead.

Rideshares in Perth

Rideshares like Uber, Ola and Didi are an alternative form of private transportation which will pick you up and drop you off where you specify. Rideshares is generally less expensive than taxis, but still significantly more expensive than public transportation.

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9 Mar 2020

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