Starting your studies at Murdoch University as an International Student

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Ready to start your studies at Murdoch University? Here's everything you need to know from activating your student account to enrolling in units and attending orientation.

Activating your student account

The first step of your studies after accepting your offer is to activate your student account.

In order to activate your account, you'll need your student number which you can find on your Confirmation of Offer letter.

Your student number is your Murdoch identification, and it is also used as your username to log in to the Murdoch website and other university systems. To active your account and create a password, you'll need to visit the Murdoch University Online Response System as soon as possible after accepting your offer.

Updating your personal details

After activating your student account, you'll need to update your personal details on the Murdoch University student portal, which is called myMurdoch. To do this, simply follow these steps:

Step 1 - Log in using your email ( and password.

Step 2 - Click on the section called myInfo or Profile.

Step 3 - Click the arrow on the ‘Personal Details’ menu item.

Step 4 - Add or update your details, including your preferred name and email, postal address, residential address (your home address in Perth), next of kin (responsible family member) and emergency contact details.

Updating your personal details is essential for your safety and allows Murdoch to contact your family in case of emergency. It's also a condition of your student visa that you notify Murdoch University of your residential address (where you are living in Australia) within seven days of arriving in Australia. You're also required to notify Murdoch within seven days of any change in your address.

Organising your studies

Can't wait to get started at Murdoch? Good news! You can start to organise your studies online before you even arrive in Perth by completing the following steps:

Step 1 - Enrol in units. Enrolling in units means selecting what subjects you'll study as part of your degree. You will need to manually add the units (subjects) that you will be studying while at Murdoch through the myMurdoch student portal by clicking on the 'Learning' section, then 'Manage course and unit enrolment'. To find out what units you can choose from, search the Murdoch Handbook. If you need any advice about units, simply contact the Student Centre for advice.

Step 2 - Sign up to classes. It's time to sign up for your classes and organise your timetable! Registration for classes opens up about a month before semester begins. This process plans what your day to day will look like at the University, including class locations. You can sign up for classes through the myMurdoch student portal by clicking on the 'Learning' section, then 'Manage class sign up'.

Step 3 - Attend Orientation. Orientation takes place in the two weeks before semester begins. It's compulsory for all new International Students to attend Orientation as you'll receive lots of important information about your visa, studying and living in Perth, receive your student ID card, organise your public transport concession card, and meet new friends.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the steps above, don't worry. Signing up for classes and enrolling in units for the very first time can be a big job! To make things easier, you can start your enrolment process once you land in Perth with the help of Murdoch professionals at our myMurdoch Advice locations throughout the Perth campus. We'll have our experts on-hand during Orientation week to take you through a guided enrolment process, meaning you will be ready for the start of semester in no time at all!

Support with a disability or medical condition

At Murdoch University we are committed to equal opportunity and supporting the diverse needs of students. This includes assisting students who have experienced significant disruption in their education including students with disability or medical conditions.

If you have a disability or medical condition, Murdoch can organise support arrangements for you before you start your studies. Information you give to Murdoch about your disability or medical condition is treated as confidential and passed on only when others need to make arrangements on your behalf. Please contact Murdoch’s Access and Social Inclusion Office by email or telephone + 61 8 9360 6084 before you arrive in Perth.

Currently preparing for your journey for Perth? Here's everything you need to know.

Posted on:

21 Feb 2020

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