Ambulatory service and general practice care for equine animals

Our team is able to provide care for horses that don’t need specialists, too. We also provide a fully equipped ambulatory service in-hours on week days. A large proportion of our diagnostic equipment is portable allowing us to diagnose and treat many conditions at your property.    

Our equine primary care and ambulatory services include: 

  • Routine health checks and preventative health care including vaccination, faecal egg counts, deworming and microchipping    
  • Emergency services    
  • Lameness evaluations, including use of the Lameness Locator    
  • Dentistry    
  • Field surgery including castration and wound repair   
  • Upper respiratory endoscopy, including dynamic (exercising) endoscopy    
  • Gastroscopy    
  • Heart investigations 
  • Digital Radiology    
  • Ultrasonography