About us

From the first person you meet at reception to our highly qualified specialists, everyone at The Animal Hospital dedicate their lives to animals - and it shows.

From the tiniest canary to the biggest elephant (true story, we've treated elephants), we give 100% care and love to every animal who comes through our doors.

The Animal Hospital was established as a teaching hospital to support the Murdoch University veterinary school, and has helped to train generations of veterinarians from around the world. By supporting the hospital, you’re also contributing to the training our future vets.

The facts behind the furry feelings

When your beloved pet gets sick or injured, you'll want to know the facts behind your vet. Here are ours:

  • Over 85 qualified vets and 150 support staff here to help you and your pet
  • A number of veterinary specialists covering every major discipline such as Primary Care, Emergency and Farm Animals
  • The very latest facilities and equipment, including MRI, CT and pathology

Our staff work tirelessly to deliver the right diagnosis and the right treatment to ensure your animal's recovery.

Vet & student assessing a patient

Fear Free Practice

The Animal Hospital is proud to have Fear Free certified professionals on our team. This means our staff have the knowledge and tools to not only look after a pet's physical wellbeing but also their emotional wellbeing.

Shared Services


Our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated vet anaesthesia team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for any kind of animal requiring anaesthesia or an emergency procedure.

We also consult on pain management if your pet suffers from chronic disease such as arthritis or back pain and can advise referring vets on any anaesthetic or pain-related problem.


Diagnostic Imaging

Our team of radiologists, technologists and veterinary nurses work with some of the most modern diagnostic equipment available, including digital radiography, fluoroscopy and ultrasound.

We even built our own CT Scanning Suite so we can scan horses and large farm animals as well as dogs, cats and other small pets.

Clinical Pathology

The science required to keeping animals healthy is the same as for humans. Our Pathology service is well-equipped to get to the bottom of any diagnosis or problem, offering services from endocrinology and haematology, through to serology, toxicology and more.

We handle all veterinary species, including companion, production and performance animals, as well as providing diagnostic services for indigenous wildlife species (including fish and marine mammals, as well as animals in zoological collections).

Fee and payment information

Pricing & payment

For all our standard services, payment is required on the day of your appointment.

We understand this can be different in an emergency situation, and will be completely transparent with our emergency pricing to avoid any shocks at an already stressful time.

Our staff will provide an estimate of the charges at the time of admission or treatment. Like most vet clinics, we don't offer credit and full payment is required at the time you take your animal home.

A deposit of half the estimated amount is required for all patients on admission. If your animal needs to stay in hospital for an extended period, you'll be given daily account updates.

Payment methods

You can pay by EFTPOS, credit card (AMEX not accepted) or cash. If you anticipate a problem with payment, please tell us, we want to help. Our hospital also offers a service called VetPay which is available to eligible clients.

Consultation fees

An after-hours consultation fee is charged for the initial assessment. While in hospital, your animal will be under 24-hour supervision in our purpose designed ICU ward. Patient hospitalisation and monitoring fees are charged per 12-hour period and vary depending on the intensity of monitoring required. In cases of serious financial constraint, our Emergency & Critical Care vets will tailor the best affordable treatment for your pet.

If you need more information, please call 1300 652 494.

Our veterinary students

In our primary care practice, our final year veterinary students undertake practical placements under the care and guidance of our qualified teaching staff. This means that your pet will be assessed by our veterinary student and our veterinarians, meaning more care and attention.