Boola Katitjin: a place to meet, network and collaborate

Murdoch University welcomes all visitors and research and industry partners to Boola Katitjin.

Getting to Boola Katitjin

Visitors can get to Boola Katitjin using active travel, public transport, ridesharing or drive and park. Access information on how to get to Boola Katitjin and where you can park

Meeting someone at Boola Katitjin?

If you have arranged to meet someone at Boola Katitjin, use Murdoch Maps or Boola Katitjin floor plans to get familiar with the building before visiting.  

Tips to help find your away around the building:

  • Use the digital wayfinding screens in the The Welcome Space and Northern Plaza.
  • Arrange to meet your host at a prominent location, such as the Welcome Space or at the Café opposite Student Central on Level 3.
  • Room numbering starts at the southern end of the building (Discovery Way) and increases as you move north.

Attending an event?

Boola Katitjin plays hosts various events throughout the year. From 2023, Murdoch University graduations will be hosted in Boola Katitjin’s spectacular Northern Plaza.

Learn more about Murdoch Graduations

Flexible staff workspace

The Workplace on Levels 2 and 3 of Boola Katitjin provides Murdoch staff to a space to work and network with industry and research partners. Murdoch staff who collaborate with will arrange for a temporary access pass to the workplace.  

Learn more about the Workplace


Are you considering studying at Murdoch and would like a tour of the new learning facilities? Or are you interested in our learning spaces, art collection, or to view the architecture within Boola Katitjin?

Learn more about campus tours and appointments

Information for contractors and suppliers

Before attending Boola Katitjin, contractors and suppliers should coordinate their visit with the Facilities Management team.  

Loading Dock vehicle access is via the northern end of Tea Tree Loop. To access the loading dock, there is a digital keypad which will activate the loading dock garage door. The pin code will be shared with contractors that require access on an ongoing basis. Suppliers with equipment to deliver to the Northern Plaza should contact the Facilities Management Helpdesk to confirm access arrangements.