Boola Katitjin is home to a variety of formal and informal learning spaces, designed to put students at the centre of a social learning environment, enable innovative teaching methods with technology-enhanced features.

Murdoch teaching teaching staff can learn more about these spaces and facilities at Teaching at Boola Katitjin.

Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) Spaces

Equipped with contemporary audio-visual and virtual collaboration technologies, with innovative implementation, our TEL spaces provide a uniquely Murdoch experience. 

These spaces connect physical and virtual participants in active engagement, in a learning environment that enhances a sense of belonging, particularly for remote students. Technology fosters group working between present and online students on our specially designed Student TEL Desk, that enables active collaboration and production of learning artefacts.  

As a technology-enabled learning space, ease of access is available for all learners, with resources and group presentations shared across screens and remote, while embedded microphones and facilitator cameras enables online students to genuinely feel part of the class. 

Collaborative learning spaces

Collaborative Learning spaces offer flexibility, with movable furniture that enables you to easily transition learners from independent to small or even large group learning activities. Spaces feature large whiteboards and digital displays, allowing screen mirroring, shared digital workspaces and a variety of presentation opportunities.

Digital Hub 

The Digital Hub on Level 1 brings together our most innovative learning spaces. Here you will find the Digital Immersive Lab, where students will learn with – and create  – virtual reality and augmented reality applications. A Creative Workshop provides a flexible spaces for everything from industry presentations to design workshops, while the Computer Labs extend from individual 60 person to a large 120 person laboratory. The Laptop Lounge provides a relaxed environment for students to plug in their personal device and spend time catching up on assignments, preparing for presentations, or connecting with friends. 

Digital Immersive Lab

The Digital Immersive Lab allows you to experiment with the future of learning experiences, by immersing students in virtual and mixed reality environments.The space supports activities where students can explore large data sets, experiment with machine learning and build artificial intelligence capabilities; thanks to high performance computers with the power for intensive data processing.

Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop Space is positioned beside the Digital Immersive Learning space and available for ad-hoc bookings, including school and industry engagement events. The Creative Workshop is a highly flexible use space designed for a variety of uses, such as pitch events, workshops, lunch and learn, events and focused work.

Intended for industry engagements, student innovation and school presentations, both facilitators and participants can bring devices and connect using wireless technology to the computer screens fitted on the collaboration booths and the group work desks.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs are equipped with Dell All-In-One (AIO) PCs designed for a wide variety of computing uses.