Boola Katitjin offers a wide variety of technology rich teaching, learning and collaboration spaces.

Learning spaces

There are a variety of immersive learning spaces at Boola Katitjin, providing new and exciting learning experiences.

As a Murdoch student, you can book to use learning and teaching spaces when not being used for timetabled teaching. To check availability and make a booking, see Resource Booker.

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Laptop Lounge

The Laptop Lounge is a space where students can prepare for digital learning experiences or presentations. It is located beside the Computer Lab on Level 1. Designed for collaborative and individual work, the Lounge allows students to walk up and create an ad-hoc booking for the room, using the Room Booking Panel. Students can book the space for exclusive use by their group or class. Alternatively, they can use it ad-hoc in conjunction with other students conducting similar preparation or collaboration.

Collaboration spaces

Collaboration spaces throughout Boola Katitjin offer students a wide range of spaces for collaboration, group work and individual work.

Student Hall

Hallways between learning spaces feature spacious tables for collaboration, movable seating, and whiteboards for students to work through ideas, problems and projects. On Level 4, the Student Hall features lounge and flexible seating along the window, looking over the Student Portal Deck towards Banksia Court. You'll also find lounge seating that suits quiet or paired study, with the deck offering 2-person seating. 

Whiteboards are provided on Levels 2 and 3, where you can bring your own markers and cleaner, and collaborate on ideas, projects, and assessments with your peers.  Please be respectful of your fellow students and clean up the whiteboards, desks or the kitchen facilities after use.  

Each table in the Student Hall is numbered, and you can let your friends know that you’re seated at one of them by noting the desk number signposted above the desk.  

Project rooms

Project Rooms are available for students to meet and collaborate, in person or online. Each room has a desk with seating for up to four people, and are technology-enabled with display screens, computer and touchscreen to manage what shows on the display. You can also connect your own devices wirelessly.

There are two ways to book a Project Room:

  • Via Outlook: Login to your Murdoch student email via Outlook and create a new calendar event. Choose one of the Project room numbers as your meeting location. If the room is available, you will receive confirmation of your booking. On the day of your meeting, your booking will show on the room display so other students know that you have the space booked for that time. 
  • On location: Book a Project Room using the display panel at the door. If a room is available, follow the on screen prompts to book the space. If you are using an empty room immediately, please do book the room so that another student does not book using Outlook while you are there. 
Level 2
Room number
Project Room 2.050
Project Room 2.051 360.2.051
Project Room 2.052 360.2.052
Project Room 2.053 360.2.053
Project Room 2.054 360.2.054
Project Room 2.055
Project Room 2.056
Project Room 2.057
Project Room 2.058
Project Room 2.059

Level 3
Room number
Project Room 3.004
Project Room 3.005 360.3.005

Quiet study spaces

Spaces within Boola Katitjin and in the Library offer students quiet study areas.  

Within Boola Katitjin, you can connect to the Slow TV mindfulness audio stream, to focus or daydream as you study on the Level 2 student portal deck.  Level 4 features lounge seating that is suited for individual or two person conversation, while the Deck provides two person seating. 

After hours, Boola Katitjin can be accessed by students until midnight. Campus Security will then direct you to 24/7 Learning Common at the Library. Several silent zones and bookable rooms for individual, quiet study are also available at the Library during normal opening hours.

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