Experience art at Boola Katitjin

Boola Katitjin features an extensive art collection, that can be experienced and interacted with throughout the building.

These unique artworks evoking the human nature of engagement, share experiences through telling stories, learning and transforming and translate and re-cast our stories in groups.

Key acquisitions

The Thought Wall

The Thought Wall was commissioned as a generative art piece to support and celebrate the thoughts of students as digital art to be housed within Boola Katitjin.

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Stories of Murdoch

Stories of Murdoch is a series of seven short videos that celebrates Murdoch’s diverse student body and fosters a sense of belonging and community within Boola Katitjin.

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Being, Belonging, Becoming

This audio sculpture is series of soundscapes for different levels of the building which aims to connect the listener to the Beeliar Wetlands and Banksia Woodlands which surround the University campus.

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Other acquisitions

In 2022 Murdoch University commissioned and purchased the a number of artworks for Boola Katitjin. This suite of works responds to the building’s overarching narratives of new digital technology, storytelling, a campus on Country, wellbeing and mindfulness.

To learn more, see the Murdoch University Art Collection.