Boola Katitjin - sustainable, inclusive and modern

Best academic building in the world  

We do things differently at Murdoch. A great education is not just about information in textbooks. It’s about feeling, seeing, and experiencing your studies, which is why we are changing the way you learn with Boola Katitjin - our new teaching building.  

Boola Katitjin, a Whadjuk Noongar name meaning ‘lots of learning’, stands on country that has been a place of learning for tens of thousands of years.  

It’s designed with students at its heart with Australian-first technology and an inclusive and sustainable design which follows the biophilic principle of connecting occupants to nature.  
Located at the centre of Murdoch University's Perth campus, students, staff and industry alike meet, work, and engage in the building’s 21 large teaching and learning spaces, technology-rich labs, and immersive industry collaboration facilities. There are also informal ‘peer to peer’ learning and student services. 

Boola Katitjin plays a key role in the University’s new strategy, ‘Ngala Kwop Biddi. Building a Brighter Future, Together’ - reflecting its three pillars of Sustainability; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; and becoming the University of Choice for First Nations people.’ 

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Finding your way

If you're interested in a guided tour of Boola Katitjin, please email us and we will work with you to book an available date and time.

Spaces and facilities


Audio mindfulness

In this collaboration between students and staff from Murdoch University, guided audio mindfulness sessions help you to experience Boola Katitjin from a unique perspective.


A body-based mindfulness exercise involves focusing your attention on the physical sensations and movements of your body, helping you to cultivate present-moment awareness and deepen your connection with your body. This practice encourages you to observe and explore your body without judgment, allowing you to become more attuned to its needs, sensations, and overall state.


Emotion Awareness Meditation is an effective mindfulness exercise that focuses on bringing awareness to emotions and cultivating a non-judgmental and compassionate attitude towards them. It aims to enhance emotional intelligence, increase self-awareness, and foster a healthier relationship with our feelings.


Nature Connection Meditation is an environment-based mindfulness exercise that involves immersing oneself in the natural surroundings and cultivating a deep sense of connection with the environment. It aims to enhance appreciation for nature, promote relaxation, and foster a sense of interconnectedness.


Thought Observation Meditation is a mind-based mindfulness exercise that involves observing and becoming aware of the thoughts that arise in the mind without judgment or attachment. It aims to cultivate a non-reactive and non-identifying relationship with thoughts, enhancing clarity, and reducing mental chatter.


Persona Reflection Meditation is a unique mindfulness exercise that involves exploring and reflecting upon different aspects of our personality or the roles we play in life. It aims to deepen self-awareness, promote self-acceptance, and enhance understanding of the masks we wear in different contexts.


  • School of Psychology: Petra Skeffington, Danielle Mathersul
  • School of Communications and Media: John Bassett
  • Other contributors: Simon Walters, Olman Walley
  • Students: Tundi Loftus, Nikita Bamb, Jaimee Gardner, Jackson Billington, Kim Funk, Max Perin