Boola Katitjin offers many spaces for socialising. You can meet your friends at the Southern Forecourt, Northern Plaza, Welcome Space or at one of the food outlets. Desks and Project Rooms in the Student Hall are numbered, so you can let your friends know what desk or room you’re working at.  

Welcome Space

When you enter Boola Katitjin from the Southern Forecourt on Discovery Way, you enter the Welcome Space. This area features short-stay seating and tables that are equipped with power points, and an amphitheater where you will see classes, seminars and panel events being delivered. An espresso bar lets you grab a coffee on your way to class.

Cafes and dining

Boola Katitjin offers a variety of food, drink and coffee options throughout the building.

Learn more about cafes and dining

Student Portal

The Student Portal runs east to west, inside and onto the deck, on Levels 2 and 3.  You'll find a decked, outdoor seating experience, with bench seating for two or four. Food and drink are welcomed to be consumed here, and please take your rubbish with you. 

Northern Plaza 

On Level 3, the Northern Plaza connects Boola Katitjin to the Broadwalk, Bush Court, the Library and the Student Hub. This space showcases the spectacular timber construction of Boola Katitjin, and is the main thoroughfare to connect with the rest of campus.  

A large, tiered deck provides seating under the shade of trees, while gardens on the east and west provide pathways and areas to meander and sit outdoors.