Boola Katitjin has the first Tech-Enabled (TEL) desks in the country, allowing our students to connect with any device, collaborate with their group, and present and share with the class their work from anywhere in the world. Not only are they the first in Australia, but part of only a handful around the world.   

Also unique to Boola Katitjin is a MazeMap function which uses heatmapping to allow students to find their own quiet spot in the building. An amazing 'wall of screens' within classrooms, provides a level of immersion by bringing together physical and virtual spaces, so students can work collaboratively, whether they are studying on campus or at home.

Digital wayfinding screens

Three digital touchscreens for wayfinding are located at:

  • The Southern Lawn, off Discovery Way between Boola Katitjin and IIID
  • Arrival Hall on Level 1 – Discovery Way
  • Student Centre on Level 3 – Boardwalk.

Room booking displays

Outside of learning spaces, meeting rooms and projects rooms, you will see a room booking display. Cleverly integrated with timetable and meeting systems, these displays will inform you of current and future bookings for the space. You can book a room directly from these displays ad-hoc or make a future booking.

Learning and teaching technology

Boola Katitjin has been designed with students at its heart and will enhance the learning experience, providing students with a fresh space to learn, collaborate and socialise.

The new learning spaces have been designed to put students at the centre of a social learning environment, enable innovative teaching methods with technology-enhanced features that encourage active and collaborative learning. 

As learners and teachers embrace the pedagogical and technological affordances that Boola Katitjin provides, we will together create memorable and impactful learning experiences.

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Video conferencing

Project rooms

These are private spaces that students can book to work in collaboration with up to 4 peers in person or with remote collaborators. Each room is equipped a desk touch panel that allows students to initiate meetings with remote peers using Microsoft Teams  .  

Airmedia enables students to connect a personal device to the high-resolution large format LCD screens, to project group work, collaborate on digital artefacts, and share their screen with remote participants.

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Meeting and focus rooms

Staff and University guests have access to technology-enhanced meeting rooms and focus rooms in the staff Workplace. Eight meeting rooms for staff provide spaces for meetings and collaboration, while six focus rooms are setup to record presentations or delivering virtual classes.

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Boola Katitjin has advanced wireless internet connectivity, with the strongest reception on campus. Over 200 Wi-Fi access points are located throughout the building, giving you connectivity no matter what space you’re studying and working in. Eduroam is available for all Murdoch students and staff, and for visitors from other participating universities.

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