How to help your teen secure a career in business

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Is your teen interested in business? Find out how a degree from Murdoch can open the door to a world of opportunity.

Is your teen a creative problem-solver? A freethinker? A born leader? Whether they aspire to be the CEO of a major corporation, start their own business to tackle one of the world’s pressing needs, or serve in government, a degree in business from Murdoch will give them a foundation for their future and help them stand out from the crowd.

We even have entry pathways available so your teen won’t have to rely on their ATAR.\

But why should your student study business at Murdoch? What will they learn? And, crucially, what career paths are open to them after graduation? Keep reading to find out.

Why study business at Murdoch?

We recognise that success in a business career requires not just knowledge but developing a mindset that allows you to see opportunities, take risks, and collaborate with others. To help students get the most out of their business degree, Murdoch combines expert instruction with mentored experiences to shape the kind of graduates who in turn shape the world.

Here are 3 key things your teen will experience in our program:

  1. They will be supported by passionate teachers who care about your teen and their learning. 
    The quality of teaching at Murdoch has received a 5-star rating from QS World University Rankings 2023.
  1. Murdoch’s  industry-relevant courses are designed with the future in mind and includes opportunities to work on industry projects, in professional practice placements, or in simulated environments. 
    Among other opportunities, students can participate in Launchpad, a program that allows them to connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders while developing their own business ideas in community with others.
  1. At Murdoch, students are  encouraged  to make a difference, and provide them with the requisite skills, knowledge, and future-focused capabilities.
    Each year we host our Think Big student entrepreneur competition to encourage young innovators to challenge themselves to discover new opportunities and solve tough problems. Sometimes, those solutions even have the potential to save lives

What will my teen learn when studying business at Murdoch Uni

When students complete a Bachelor of Business, they will have a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge needed in today’s marketplace. Your teen will take courses in management, marketing, accounting, economics, and business law. They will also learn about building their career and developing the soft skills, like communication and teamwork, that employers are looking for.

Here are some of the fundamental skills they will acquire:

  • management skills for shaping business interactions in a creative, inclusive, and ethical way
  • strategies to address complex challenges in a range of business settings
  • creative ways of thinking, problem-solving, and innovating in the workplace
  • global business and leadership skills

In addition to core courses, your student will also choose one or two majors that give them greater depth and preparation in a particular area. There are 11 options in total, including:

Marketing: Get immersed in the world of digital marketing, learning about social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more. Have the opportunity to develop marketing plans for real clients and graduate with a portfolio, ready to help businesses connect with their audiences.

Business LawLearn how to approach legal issues and disputes to run your own business or make a real difference in not-for-profit organisations, government agencies or any sized business in Australia.

Accounting: Develop the competencies needed to manage the details of business operations. Learn the methods of accounting, financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting and become a trusted resource for any organisation.

Get all the details about the Bachelor of Business, including available majors, here.

Combined degrees for broader opportunities

If your teen is like Jordan, they might be struggling to choose between two areas of interest. A combined degree of law and business gave him more career possibilities as a result.

“When joining law firms, accounting firms or multinational companies, I am always confident that the knowledge I acquired at Murdoch will ensure I am well-informed prior to learning about the requirements of a particular role,” Jordan said.

Their future career

A Bachelor of Business can lead to a wealth of opportunities. Its flexibility is one of its advantages, especially for those who aren’t yet sure what kind of opportunities they want to pursue. Your teen might work their way into a senior role with a global corporation or chart a career in not-for-profit organisations. They could find a job with a government agency or even create their own start up.

Depending on your teen’s interests, they could pursue a career in accounting, consulting, consumer products, entrepreneurship, finance/banking, marketing, or human resources. Murdoch has majors that will prepare them for any of these areas.

Boost their entry into a new career with professional recognition

One additional benefit to a Bachelor of Business from Murdoch is the opportunity to get a head start in a career. Your teen could be eligible for a range of memberships and accreditations, depending on the area of study they choose. This means they’ll enter the workforce with qualifications and contacts that will put them on the path to success from the very beginning. 

Wherever their path will lead, studying business at Murdoch will set them up for lifelong success. If they’re ready to explore the opportunity, now is a great time to apply.
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20 Oct 2022



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