Why Agricultural Science could be a clever career choice for your teen

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Does your teen love animals or have a green thumb? Find out how an agricultural science degree from Murdoch can lead to a great career.

Has your teen always had a green thumb? Always been interested in the science of how things grow and in a career that will get them outside? Or do they have a passion for animal welfare and a food supply that takes care of both people and the planet?

Agricultural science is a course that can open up a surprising number of career opportunities for your teenager. Keep reading to find out more about this course, why Murdoch is a great place to prepare, and where a degree in agricultural science can take your teen.

What do you learn in a Bachelor of Agricultural Science course?

Murdoch’s program is designed to give students a solid foundation for a career in agriculture by teaching them core areas of science like chemistry and biology as well as developing their knowledge and experience in the practical matters of agribusiness.

Your teen will learn to see agriculture from a broader perspective, discovering how production techniques affect our planet, the economy, and the global food supply.

They’ll also learn:

  • analytical and technical skills needed to solve agricultural problems,
  • principles of animal and human ethics,
  • how to apply agricultural knowledge in global and regional contexts, and
  • how to collaborate with scientific specialists within and outside agricultural sciences.

Why study agricultural science at Murdoch?

If your teen is interested in studying agricultural science, Murdoch will give them unique opportunities. Here are some of the resources we provide to help your teen get ready for career success:

Hands-on experience: Murdoch has Australia’s only metropolitan on-campus farm where students will gain experience handling a range of large animals, working with farm facilities, and learning about farm management. Being a student here means experiencing what agricultural work is really like.

World-changing research: That’s right, Murdoch University’s Centre for Sustainable Farming Systems and its Centre for Crop and Food Innovation are involved in research to do just that. Your teenager will gain exposure to projects that are helping to address the global need for a greener and more efficient food supply.

Industry network: During their studies, we place students in farms and agricultural research programs across Western Australia, helping them gain experience, discover their areas of interest, and make connections for their careers.

Exposure: Your student will take part in our industry tours where they can visit agribusinesses for a greater understanding of production systems, value and supply chains, and farm business management.

Areas of focus in agricultural science

Within the agricultural science course, there are three different majors that allow your teen to specialise in the area that interests them most.

  • Animal Science: This major focuses on livestock production, including understanding how technology and sustainable practices are being used to meet rising global demand.
  • Animal Health: Here they’ll pursue a path centred on the wellbeing of domestic, production, and wild animals. They will learn about animal anatomy and function, the prevention of infectious diseases, and genetic engineering.
  • Crop and Pasture Science: Your teen will gain a regional, national and global perspective on how to address the problem of meeting the food production needs of the world’s growing population. They’ll learn about the latest discoveries and techniques for efficient and sustainable agriculture.

Your teen’s future career

When many of us hear the word “agriculture,” it is easy to just think about farming, but it includes so much more than that. When your teen graduates from this course, they will be able to pursue careers in agriculture, agribusiness, and government to work in policy, technical, research, and administrative roles.

This can include State and Australian Government Departments of Agriculture, agribusiness, private industry, and natural resource management groups.

Their future career could include positions like:

  • Agricultural Scientist,
  • Agronomist,
  • Biosecurity and Quarantine Officer,
  • Farm Manager, or
  • Research Scientist.

The world’s need for a healthy food supply is only going to increase. Along with that need, there will be growing opportunities for those who help to provide today’s resources as well as those who are working to develop tomorrow’s production techniques.

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25 Oct 2022



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