How to help my teen start a career in Creative Media

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Is your teen the creative type? Studying a Creative Media degree at Murdoch could help them find their dream career.

Your teen is the creative type. You have known it for years, ever since they were little and kept themselves busy making “artistic” masterpieces or dressing up to star in their own production. You have fostered this creativity and are proud it is part of who they are. But now, your teen wonders if this passion for creative arts is a viable option for the future. Can they really pursue this passion as a career? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Growing career opportunities

A career in Creative Media is a perfect fit for your teen who wonders if their passion can turn into a career they love. There is strong evidence that creative skills are important to the Australian economy, contributing six per cent to GDP. Around one in seven people employed in the fastest-growing occupations holds a creative qualification. Lastly, many of the industries that have seen the fastest rate of growth — in terms of economic output —employ workforces with relatively high proportions of creative qualifications*.

Subsequently, demand is rising among media and communications occupations as employers search for passionate people who can create, edit and share information and entertainment across a variety of platforms. Now is the time to help your teen pursue their passion and turn those productions and artistic masterpieces into a career.  

Creative Media degree opportunities

Murdoch is here to help your teen start this journey. Whatever their interests, we have a pathway for them within our Bachelor of Creative Media degree program. Students choosing this pathway learn all about the industry and what it takes to succeed and continue to further develop their creativity.    

There are more future career choices than teens might realise:

  • Photojournalist
  • Sound Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Content Writer

Each course has been designed in consultation with industry professionals so your teen will graduate with the technical and creative skills employers need, as well as a portfolio of work to demonstrate their talents. 

Is Murdoch's Creative Media degree the right choice for my teen?

Your teen is passionate about the industry, but you still find yourself asking if this is the right decision for them. Is a Creative Media degree the right choice?   

First, ask yourself if your teen is someone who loves expressing themselves through writing and creating or if they have a talent for getting a message across in a creative, interesting and entertaining way. Of course, the answer is yes, as it has always been, ever since they were young creating those masterpieces.  

A career in Creative Media allows your teen to pursue their passion and further develop their creativity. It gives them the ability to become a leader in the industry and embrace a profession they love. The best part about our Creative Media degree is that it offers many options for your teen to consider.

Your teen might explore:

There is no limit to the pathways your teen can pursue in the creative arts and communication department.  

Unsure of which Creative Media path is right for your teen? Murdoch has you covered.  

They can take our easy quiz to find out which creative arts and communication course suits them best.   

Even more options at Murdoch

When your teen enters the Creative Media degree program, they have plenty of options and pathways available to them. They might consider studying two areas within the program. For example, they may choose Graphic Design and Strategic Communications, just like Grayce.

Murdoch student Grayce smiling to camera

Grayce said she was amazed by the range of skills and experiences she gained at the university.  

“So much of my degree wasn't what I expected it to be.” 

Grayce explained exactly why Murdoch is a perfect choice for your teen wanting to develop a career in the Creative Media industry. By offering real-world experiences from the start, your teen has the opportunity to work in the industry and complete projects before they even graduate.

Students often choose to pursue multiple passions to tailor their degree to their interests. This lets your teen find the right mix that leads to a career they love.  

 “I’ve learnt so much and I’m so excited for the career I’ll have in the future. An income obviously still matters to me, but I’ll also be happy and doing what I love which I think is more important,” said Grayce.

*Creative skills for the future economy - Office for the Arts, Australian Government

If your teen is ready to pursue their passion then we are ready to help them. Explore our Year 12 Early Offer program for 2024 entry
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17 Apr 2023

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