Quiz: Which creative media & communication course suits you?

Film student capturing footage of a male model posing against a wall

If you want a career expressing your artistic talents each and every day, you ‘re in luck because there are a variety of creative arts and communication degrees available. Find out which one you’re best suited to with our short quiz.

Creative professionals throw paint all over the canvas of life. If you see yourself entering this exciting world, flinging your own paint, you might be wondering which of the creative arts and communications courses is the right fit.

You could express yourself through acting; stepping into the shoes of another and ‘becoming’ them is an extraordinary skill. Maybe you’ll put pen to paper and write Australia’s next great novel, or traverse the globe covering breaking news stories. Or, what about becoming a photographer, shooting incredible landscapes others can only dream of laying their eyes on.

There’s also the opportunity to become a foley artist – one of the most artistic yet underrated specialisations in the film industry. It’s up to the foley artist to get inventive and recreate natural-sounding effects using a variety of everyday materials like fruit, pots and pans, and paper. Our Sound course will get you there. Sound can also take you all the way to recording studios and live events.

Take our quiz to discover more about your options. Also read up about all our courses in this area and What kind job can you get with a career in creative media and communication?.

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9 Apr 2020

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