Why study Creative Media and Communication at Murdoch?

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Why should you study with us? That’s easy.

For starters, we have an impressive Media Arts Centre, experienced and creative academics, and fun real-world projects to get stuck into. Read about our School of Media and Communication and how we can help get your future off to a flying start.

What is media and communication?

Most people know what media and/or communication is in general – journalism being the most obvious example – however the industry is a constellation of diverse, evolving jobs. At its essence, this discipline is about storytelling. Those stories can be told in so many ways and through a bunch of different mediums including stage, screen and sound.

So what do these careers typically have in common? It’s a melting pot of idea development, freewheeling creativity, rigorous intellect, pushing boundaries, effective communication, and a focus on what people want and need. What are your future job options? Find out here.

A day in the life of a Creative Media and Communication student

There’s never a dull moment at our school. As a student you might:

  • Get busy in the newsroom, researching and producing articles.
  • Film a documentary in the custom-built studio.
  • Experiment with high quality cameras for a photography session.
  • Design a video game storyboard, or
  • Investigate solutions to a branding challenge.

The Murdoch difference

Our expert teaching team has a huge range of expertise. They’ve managed their own social media and PR agencies, produced award-winning films, and been part of award-winning sound production teams!

Our hands-on activities serve several purposes. For one, the trickiest part in getting your foot in the door at your first job is having sufficient work experience. Two, it can be a bit daunting having proper clients and real projects, so it’s confidence-building to become skilled in a comfortable environment alongside friends at uni. Third, you’ll get to try out different roles and equipment and see what suits – or doesn’t – well before graduating.

Media Arts Centre

Practical education in our $1.7 million hub. We have a sound stage, television and radio studios, a traditional newsroom, sound mixing studios, video and postproduction suites, a drama studio used by Fringe World, and our Nexus Theatre. We also use the MXLab, a high tech workspace for emerging digital professionals, and the MXStudio, a custom-built space for art creation that allows control over the mix of natural and artificial light. Explore the Media Arts Centre.


Our virtual creative and communication consultancy is where you’ll learn how these services work, connect with industry professionals, and develop skills as you work on real projects. The opportunities are endless: help develop mobile apps or games, build interactive displays or websites, develop visual brand identities, meet film and sound production needs, create social media campaigns or SEO plans, write content and media strategies, or take on a research project. Explore MESH.

Get to know our school a little better.

Beyond the classroom

What happens outside the classroom is just as important. You might even receive credit towards your degree with these offerings from the school:

  • Professional placements. Students have worked with clients including Royal Life Saving Western Australia, and the Western Australian Division of the United Nations.
  • International study tours. Combine travel with work experience over the summer or winter break with fellow students. For example, you could head to Singapore to design branding solutions for international clients.
  • Study abroad. Take your uni experience further and study for a semester or two at a partner university overseas, exploring another culture, making friends and a lifetime of memories, whilst also earning credit towards your degree.
  • Exhibitions. The next gen of creatives show off their work at the Murdoch Creative Media Showcase (and did you know the MESH at Murdoch Awards recognises and rewards Year 10 and 11 high school students too?)
It feels like I learn something new every time I walk into class.” 
-Games Art and Design student Rhianna.
Read more about their story.

Choose your adventure: which degree and major will you pick?

We offer two core undergraduate degrees at our school with a variety of majors. As a rough guide, those leaning toward a career based around writing may prefer to pursue a Bachelor of Communication, whereas a more technically creative person may be better suited to a Bachelor of Creative Media. Or, become a double threat in the job market and opt for a combined degree where a major is chosen from both.

Your future awaits

No matter what journey you plan on exploring, feel secure knowing you’ll be job ready and confident in your abilities. It starts here. 

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14 Nov 2023

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