Quiz: Which creative arts and communication major are you?

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Have a passion for creativity and the arts? Then you’re probably wondering exactly , what should you study? From journalism to games design, the creative world is your oyster. Take our quiz to find out more.

What is an arts degree? It can be whatever you want it to be! And when you’re looking at your options with an open mind, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Studying communications and creative arts at Murdoch opens doors to a variety of dream career pathways. You could be your own boss as a journalist or copywriter, researching topics as diverse as beauty, politics, or marine science. You could have a high-powered corporate communications career in the exciting world of international sport. Or you may have a creative flair, but not necessarily using the written word, and instead be drawn to pursuing a major in Games Art and Design. With this, you could land the role of a lifetime creating games and characters you always wanted to see when you were growing up.

You’ll need to choose a major before you apply to uni, but it’s very easy to change once you’re in. Read more about choosing a major.

If you know your passions lie in creative arts or communication but you’re not sure precisely which major is right for you, take our quiz!



Posted on:

20 Apr 2021

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