A day in the life of a Creative Arts student

Do you love the creative arts and dream of turning your passion into a career?

Whether you’re interested in sound, games art and design, photography, screen production or graphic design, many people believe their creative passions will never become more than just a hobby.

But if you’re bold enough to tread your own career path, there’s opportunity to go against the grain and follow your dreams. With the right experience under your belt there’s no limit to the success you might experience in the creative arts industry.

Getting a head start in the arts

If you’re thinking about a career in the arts, the first thing you’ll need is passion. To succeed in the arts, you’ll need to love what you do – as passion always shines through in your art.

The second thing you’ll need is skills and talent. While you might have already got a natural aptitude for something, it’s important to find an environment where you can really grow and test your abilities, learning real-world skills to help demonstrate what you’re capable of. 

Murdoch University is the perfect environment for any budding creative to grow their skillset and strengthen their talents.  With a sound stage, television and radio studio, news room, digital post-production facilities, sound-mixing studios, video editing suites and drama studios, students learn industry standard skills which makes it as easy as possible for students to get jobs when they graduate.

Learn from the best

At the beginning of your career, you want to make sure you’re learning from the very best minds in the industry. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with people who have been there, done what you want to do, and who can share with you the wisdom they’ve learned along the way.

The creative arts lecturers at Murdoch include award-winning film makers, former Pixar animators, Public Relations consultants and more. So under their guidance, you’ll be picking up industry tips it would otherwise take years in the workplace to learn.

What are you waiting for? To learn more about our courses in the creative arts, visit our study page.

Posted on:

7 Dec 2018

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