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Brighter futures feature

Murdoch University has today welcomed the inaugural cohort of Ngala Kwop Biddi Brighter Futures Scholars – a stellar group of 56 young Western Australians already leading change and taking action on big societal challenges.

The Ngala Kwop Biddi Brighter Futures Scholarship is the first of its kind for WA, with one scholarship offered to every secondary school in the State awarded on demonstrated attributes of citizenship and advocacy.  

The scholarship seeks to acknowledge and support students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and active engagement in endeavours that have led to positive outcomes aligned with one of the University’s three strategic themes: Sustainability, First Nations; and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. 

This year’s inaugural scholarship recipients have already made significant contributions to their local and high school communities.  

One scholar provided group literacy support to primary school students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, another encouraged the use of pronoun badges to visually represent members of safe groups for other students wishing to seek advice, and a third helped plan a uniform upgrade for their school with the aim of ensuring sustainable choices. 

These are just a few of many inspiring examples of leadership among what promises to be a cohort of future leaders in our community. 

Murdoch Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Deeks personally welcomed the students to campus at a special welcome ceremony today, sharing that their university journey would be watched closely and with pride by everyone at Murdoch.  

“This group has already achieved widespread recognition of the issues they feel passionate about; enabled voices to be heard at a Parliamentary level; or overcome personal adversity or challenges – using this experience to become a role model and advocate for others,” Professor Deeks said. 

“To all of our Scholarship winners I congratulate you on your grit, desire, and drive to make the world a better place and to contribute to a brighter future – be it for a few, or for many.  

We measure our success by your success – and we are committed to seeing you thrive in a rich, varied learning environment.”
Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Deeks

As well as the $12,000 financial support offered through the Ngala Kwop Biddi Brighter Futures Scholarship, the students will have the opportunity to co-design and pilot a new leadership program. 

Pro Vice Chancellor Sustainability Dr Martin Brueckner took the opportunity to introduce students to the Boodiyar Djena Biddi Certificate, also known as Murdoch Mettle.  

This is a certificate earned through completing a series of future-focused immersive experiences that build on the knowledge and skills obtained through a degree. 

“It’s about recognising citizenship and leadership for positive change,” Dr Brueckner said. 

“Students have the choice to participate in as few or as many learning experiences as they wish, with the option to accumulate credits towards an official Boodiyar Djena Biddi Certificate.   

In addition to a formal education, we seek to equip our students with a solution-orientated mindset and the skills needed to make positive contributions in society."
Pro Vice Chancellor Sustainability Dr Martin Brueckner

"Fundamentally, this endeavour is about supporting good and active citizenship by giving students opportunities to develop skills vital for solving complex global problems and that are also in high demand by employers world-wide.” 

The Ngala Kwop Biddi Brighter Futures Scholarship supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. 


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