How to help my teen transition from TAFE to university

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Is your teenager thinking about making the switch from TAFE to university? Murdoch has an entry pathway to get them there.

Is your teenager studying at TAFE but thinking about attending university?

Maybe they’re halfway through their TAFE course and have decided it is not for them, or they’ve found something they love and want to study it in more depth. Maybe they’ve completed their TAFE qualification and want to use it as an entry path into university.

Whatever the situation, there are many benefits to attending university after TAFE. Murdoch embraces students who enter university from different pathways and welcomes students who have previously studied at TAFE.

  • Your young person will have additional educational qualifications that will be recognised and valued by employers. By choosing one of Murdoch’s industry leading courses, they will ensure they’re at the forefront of their chosen career.
  • TAFE is a great entry pathway into higher education. It’s quite common for young people to go to TAFE before university. Some students don’t feel ready for uni straight out of high school but do later on, so we offer a range of pathway options to help students make the transition from TAFE to uni.

Pathways from TAFE to university

There are many excellent pathways from TAFE to uni and at Murdoch we do our best to make that transition as easy as possible. That starts with recognising your teenager’s hard work. If they’ve completed a vocational education and training (VET) qualification, we recognise it.

If they can also demonstrate English Language Competency (ELC) and their VET qualification is a Certificate IV or higher, they could be eligible to start their undergraduate degree sooner than they might think.

 Discover Jaztine’s journey from TAFE to Murdoch.

Our business and finance pathway

If your young person has studied business or finance at South Metropolitan (SM) TAFE and they want to continue their education at Murdoch, we’ll give them a credit towards their uni studies — potentially shortening their degree study time by a year.

Supporting your teenager to make the transition from TAFE to Murdoch uni

Your teenager might feel nervous about making the transition from TAFE to uni. That’s understandable, but they don’t need to be. If anything, they’re more prepared for uni than students coming straight from high school, because they’ve already experienced some of the independence you get once you leave school.

  • Academic support is available to students across the entire duration of their degree and there are a wide range of other support services to help them if they need it, including financial, career, wellbeing and medical services.
  • University offers a lot of flexibility, so your teenager can study part-time to reduce their workload if they need to for any reason, like work or family commitments.
  • Uni has fewer contact hours and more independence than your teenager will be used to, so if they’re living with you they might be home a bit more often. You can support them by providing a quiet and uninterrupted study environment, allowing them to prioritise coursework over other activities, and simply by cheering them on!

Getting set up for university after studying at TAFE

If your young person is studying full-time at Murdoch, they will be enrolled in three or four units each semester. This will include around 12 to 16 hours of class time a week, with many more hours dedicated to reading, research and assignments. Often, workshops and tutorials are available in multiple slots, providing flexibility. Lectures are recorded, so students can catch up online later if needed.

  • Encourage your young person to get ready early, including buying textbooks and working out their study schedule.
  • Uni is a place where your teenager will meet like-minded people and make friends they may well have for life. Encourage them to take advantage of Orientation Week and all it offers, and to look into the clubs and societies that exist on campus.
  • If your teenager is studying full-time, they’re entitled to a Tertiary SmartRider from Transperth. If they’ll be driving in, they’ll need a parking permit. It’s a good idea to get set up for their commute early.
To find out more about the pathways from TAFE to Murdoch available to your teenager, check out our vocational education and training pathways page.
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1 Dec 2022

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