The student start-up looking to save lives in remote communities

ProVento prototype

The Murdoch students behind ProVento knows what it’s like to live in remote communities with limited medical support. Read about their winning idea as the 2020 Think Big final competition winners.

How did you hear about Think Big?

Our team has always been looking for new opportunities, so when we came to know about the Think Big competition from a LinkedIn post, we knew this is our time to rock.

Tell us about your start-up idea

Carrying a life support ventilator bed is not always feasible for the long run, nor can it be carried everywhere such as adventurous road trips or hiking with mates.

Our product ProVento is a solution for people suffering from respiratory diseases, especially during times of bush fires or climate changes, or to have and be prepared for any future pandemics. It is auto-calibrated, solar-powered, and easily portable. Most components are recyclable, and the product only costs around AUD $300-400.

What was your motivation behind creating your idea?

All our team members come from various remote areas in developing and under-developed countries. We have all experienced similar situations in life when paramedics have been unable to reach patients in time to provide life support. This period of time is critical, and without support available at the right time, it has resulted in the loss of a few of our family members and friends.

Tell us about your Think Big experience

Think Big has come to us as an opportunity in our lives to use all our knowledge and help our community to have a healthy life. We came to know about Think Big through our amazing innovation hub, the Launchpad at Murdoch University.

What are your entrepreneurial goals for the future?

We are looking for grants so we can put the product though the production phase and contribute back to society to help people to have a healthy life. As a result, we hope no one ever will have to face a situation like we have experienced in the past where medical support was not available in time.

Think Big is a competition run by the Launchpad at Murdoch University.

Learn more about our on-campus entrepreneurship and innovation hub, Launchpad, or see for yourself how our combined Commerce + Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree can help bring your ideas to life.
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5 Oct 2020

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