World-leading research

Our research is focused on improving the health and welfare of animals. This bold vision finds purpose in five programs of research excellence:

  1. One Health
  2. Comparative Medicine
  3. Animal Welfare
  4. Food animal health and
  5. Wildlife Health and Conservation.  

Our impactful projects in biomarker discovery and transboundary and emerging disease pioneer the way to a better understanding of diseases that impact lives, bringing us closer to solutions that transform our world. These topics stand alongside our world-leading research in antimicrobial resistance, a phenomenon that threatens the very survival of humankind. On the topics of respiratory function in horses and biomechanics of orthopaedic implants in dogs, we collaborate with medical colleagues to improve basic understanding of core processes in medicine and surgery with potential impact across species.  

Working at the acute edge of the human impact on our world, our researchers are crafting solutions to improve animal welfare and the conservation of iconic Australian wildlife and ecosystems.