Design Thinkers as Global Innovators!

Design Thinking is at the forefront of modern industries in the world today. It is an abstract, creative approach to addressing complex problems for the development of innovative, human-centric products, services and systems.

Our Graduate Certificate in Design Thinking and Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking and Service Innovation are not just industry standard but industry-leading. As designers, you will educate local sectors of all kinds on how to enhance their business models, innovate their products and services and build agile, resilient commercial and social environments for a sustainable future.

Design Thinking to tackle the complexities of the world

Design Thinking students work in collaboration with industry clients on complex real-world problems, such as the WA Department of Transport to develop low-emission sustainable mobility systems for Perth residents.

Our students have also worked with Scitech to deliver innovative STEM focused education programs across WA schools and Not-for-profit organisations like Project HIU to explore social designs that elevate poverty-stricken citizens in remote Indonesia.

What to expect when you study Design Thinking

Our Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking and Service Innovation programs launch students straight into a project problem with a local industry partner.

You will work collaboratively in a project team across a range of connected units that act as a foundation for the development of innovative designs for product and service issues.

You will engage in exploratory, creative and thought-provoking design thinking practices which will help you to develop game-changing ideas and concepts that address the problems at hand.

You will always be supported to investigate design thinking methodology through your disciplinary lens so that you emerge as a design thinking leader in your field upon course completion!

Darcy Burns Service Designer Lean UX
The course and lecturers inspired a passion and confidence to use my design skills to tackle complex challenges we face in our world today
Darcy Burns, Service Designer, Lean CX

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