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Global Media and Communication at Murdoch University will equip you with all the communication, analytical and creative thinking skills you might need to succeed in an ever-changing global media industry.

Develop new skills and knowledge as you analyse traditional and digital media texts, explore the power of communication, including its impact on society and culture, and develop research skills to examine global media issues, media texts, cultural and media policies, and media audience behaviour.

You will be part of the next generation of communications analysts, examining communications and media texts to ascertain ways to improve and streamline communications in a myriad of social and cultural contexts.


Application and Creativity

Global Media and Communication students will explore and examine significant communication issues for the purpose of discussing and applying important concepts and theories. You will build on your existing communications skills, knowledge and competencies to become excellent communicators.

You will apply communication skills and knowledge to plan, design and create media messages in response to a specific issue or problem and undertake original research on media audiences. The skills, knowledge and applications learnt and refined in this degree are highly transferrable to many other disciplines. All employers seek graduates capable of excellent communication and analysis for their organisations.

What to expect when you study Global Media and Communication

Your first year will be dedicated to delving into the fundamental concepts and theories that underpin effective communication, particularly in the context of social and networked media. Additionally, this year will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your critical thinking and digital literacy skills, equipping you for success in the digital age.

 In your second year, the program will pivot toward an exploration of global media cultures, with a focus on key aspects such as mobile media, gaming, governance, and policy frameworks. Engaging in discussions on contemporary issues and real-world examples, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate web of global media dynamics.

 Your final year will culminate in a series of capstone projects. These projects will enable you to conduct a media audience analysis and tackle complex global communication issues, applying your acquired knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios.

Rachel Ingram
This course gave me an understanding of audience behaviours, including how the power of communication can and does impact on society
Rachel Ingram, Retail Manager

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