Sound for a changing media landscape!

Sound is integral to many of the media industries we use every day: listening to music or podcasts, watching movies, or playing video games.

It is also increasingly a part of our interaction with everyday life – what our devices and appliances sound like, or the sonic feedback we get from transport systems (think: electric cars, public transport, pedestrian crossings).

As a sound student, you’ll learn about the range of areas where sound production and design skills are applied. Our graduates have gone into careers in an array of industries, including music production, live sound, television, video games, theatre, film sound and podcasting.

Sound as a creative discipline


When you study Sound at Murdoch University, you’ll learn how to create a range of sound designs for things like short films and documentaries, live productions, video games and industrial applications. As a recording or mix engineer, you’ll learn to use a recording studio, microphones, and effects to craft a recording to showcase music.

Along the way, you’ll be applying the theoretical ideas and principles that underpin the practices that have developed across all these different industries. Whilst there are a great many technologies to learn about in sound, the focus is on understanding why and how to use them so that you can adapt to changes that will happen in ten, twenty, or thirty years’ time.


What to expect when you study Sound

From the first year, you’ll be taught by lecturers with decades of experience in sound and getting hands-on with sound production. You will also jump into studying the ways that sound is used in media and industrial applications, and how sound affects us in our everyday lives.

In your second year, you’ll apply your technical and creative skills to recording studios and become intimately acquainted with a range of audio and music technology.

By the third year, you’ll be applying your sound skills to a broad range of applications – from live events, film and television productions, interactive audio and video games, whilst working on projects that can be stand-alone audio or integrate with other media and arts disciplines like Screen Production, Games Production and Theatre.

Tim Bott
The Sound staff's technical knowledge and real time experience, gave me the skills and confidence to succeed in industry
Timothy Bott, Broadcast Specialist, Nine Network

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