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Graphic Design at Murdoch University is focused on big thinking. Explore the world’s problems by using the latest in design thinking and AI to make sense of the complexity of client's issues by looking at relationships, structures and broader issues.

Although our course is based on the traditions and best-industry practices, we are not afraid to innovate; we will change the Graphic Design industry, take advantage of advances in tech like AI and UX and transform the world along the way.

You will be the next generation of design innovators ready to take on this fast-paced, ever-evolving global design industry and make the world a better place.


Global minds, local solutions

Graphic Design students take on big challenges like traveling to Indonesia and working with local fisherman to solve sustainable fishing issues. Or travel to Singapore and work with the Salvation Army to address service issues with their second-hand stores.

Locally, Graphic Design students worked collaboratively with the town of Collie to look at ways to sustain the local tourism and economy when the Muja power station closes down.

What to expect when you study Graphic Design

In your first year of studying Graphic Design at Murdoch University, you'll dive headfirst into the world of visual communication, problem-solving and authentic graphic design techniques through various projects that mirror real-world industry scenarios. You will research design, hone your skills in the digital art and craft of design, and receive continuous support and encouragement to push the boundaries.  

Year two focuses on taking your graphic design skills to the next level, you’ll experience print design, UX/interaction design and digital design and address problems using service design and design thinking. All the while aligning these skills with commercial standards and expectations to ensure you're industry-ready. 

As you progress to your final year, you'll tackle print, UX and design-thinking client-driven projects, enabling you to build an innovative and diverse portfolio spanning print, digital, and service design; and you’ll be ready to take on the world!

Georgia Earnshaw
The graphic design course provides extensive practical experience, which gave me a comprehensive understanding of how to work with real-world clients.
Georgia Earnshaw, Dept of Premier and Cabinet

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