Big Ideas: Business and Entrepreneurship

Prepare to think your way to global solutions

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Big Ideas: Business and Entrepreneurship

How could your thinking influence smarter business decisions? When you study business, entrepreneurship and innovation at Murdoch, you’ll learn how to turn ideas into actions that make the world a better place. And the career options are almost endless: you could be championing sustainability agendas in the business world, finding new ways to do things or perhaps you’ll join the entrepreneurial movement. 

There are no limits to what you can achieve by studying business and entrepreneurship. How will your thinking at Murdoch help to shape the future?
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Latest Issue 28 Oct 2020

The real world of business: 12 practical tips to getting experience while studying

You know how it goes – you’re sitting in class or nearing the end of your degree and start to look for jobs online, excited by the opportunities available. But quite often you notice there’s a catch.

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