How Tanya turned her entrepreneurial dreams into reality

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From studying film to launching her own business, the support of Murdoch has given Tanya the opportunity to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

Originally from Singapore, Tanya made the move to Australia six years ago to study mass communication and film and television at TAFE. After graduating, Tanya decided to pursue a degree in marketing at Murdoch.

"After I finished studying at TAFE I moved on to producing some independent film work. This is when I realised I had a gap in my knowledge and decided to take up a degree in marketing at Murdoch."

Tanya selected Murdoch due to the recommendation of her partner and the reputation of Murdoch's Singapore branch.

"My partner studied at Murdoch and I got to observe the work he did in his degree which made me realise how practical and hands-on the teaching is.

"Murdoch also has a well-known branch in Singapore so even before I thought about university, it was the most familiar school to me."

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Mastering Murdoch's undergraduate MasterClass

After completing her first year in marketing, Tanya was invited to join the MasterClass Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

Giving undergraduate students the opportunity to complete a postgraduate qualification while studying for an undergraduate degree, MasterClass is offered to high achieving students.

With units addressing leadership, accounting, strategic marketing and organisational management skills, MasterClass helps students build management careers around their chosen fields of interest.

"Being offered a chance to do the Masterclass in Business Administration was an incredible honour which inspired me to pursue my life-long ambition to run my own business.

"Being a part of the business school means I also got to experience a blended-learning approach which is an excellent way to learn at your pace and engage, while still getting that face-to-face time in more interactive workshops."

Winning the Young Entrepreneur Challenge

In her first year, Tanya took part in the Young Entrepreneur's Challenge hosted by Murdoch in partnership with Gemstar Technology. While unsuccessful, it pushed her to apply again in her second year both through Murdoch and Gemstar's external program, as well as signing up for the On My Feet Business School Challenge.

A mix of free masterclasses and industry-facing pitches, Gemstar Technology's Entrepreneurs Challenge is an annual program that lets young dreamers explore what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

"I had a fully mentored and guided experience helping me to develop a viable business idea."

While Tanya found juggling three competitions on top of normal study a bit of a challenge, it was also the push she needed to succeed.

"I won the Gemstar 2018 Round and the On My Feet Business School Challenge. Presenting to a room of approximately 40 industry leaders and government representatives was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life but it was well worth it. Even if I hadn't won, hearing the feedback and going through the process would have been invaluable.

"The cherry on top was also being offered a job with the company's sister brand, Manning & Co, in recognition of my determination to succeed. I started with a three-month internship and have moved on into a permanent role.

"The business idea I pitched, The Wildverse Collective, is also in its first year of proper market testing, research and development."

Tanya posing with friends in front of On My Feet poster

The Wildverse Collective

A platform targeted at early-career and emerging independent artists, The Wildverse Collective aims to help support the arts industry in growing and expanding.

From providing a series of business in the arts workshops to initiating our own grant programs and overseas bridging support tools, Wildverse is tackling the issue as an independent arts business, rather than as a theatre.

"We're looking to supplement artists' creative skills with business knowledge. We want to help artists to manage their opportunities whilst also trying to bridge the gap between international industries to provide new experiences."

Artists who are interested in working with the brand will need to enrol in a three-part workshop series tailored to their role in productions to learn more about integrating business and arts mindsets.

"I see the Wildverse platform as a learning-on-the-job style alternative for those who benefit from a more hands-on experience. 

"A lot of this was inspired by my own experiences working in film and theatre and my understanding of what I was lacking in my previous film education."

Pursuing entrepreneurship beyond Murdoch

Tanya hopes to have her fledgling business up and running by the time she graduates.

"I'd also like to graduate knowing that I've done my absolute best and I think being given the chance to get in the MasterClass program has really spurred me on to try even harder.

"I've seen some incredibly forward-thinking teachers here driving important changes in the school. Dr Kenneth Yap in Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Dr Simon Minaee from the MasterClass program are two examples of the people who have made my time here really worth it."

To her fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, Tanya urges above all else persistence.

"I won the Gemstar competition because I did it, failed miserably and then did it again the next year. I got a job because I came back and showed them I was willing to learn. If you keep showing up, you will find your opportunity for success."

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30 Apr 2019

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