Smart watch technology for nurses

Nurse in blue uniform standing with arms crossed

As part of his winning pitch at Think Big 2018 competition, Bachelor of Nursing student Jordan has developed smart watch tech for nurses. We explore what Think Big is all about, and more about Jordan’s winning idea.

Pitch perfect 

A structured 8-week program, Think Big helps equip students with the skills and insight to kick-start an entrepreneurial idea. In addition to receiving feedback and support along the way, the program allows for participants to develop and refine their idea in preparation for the pitch finals held in Singapore. 

Jordan's winning idea was sparked by his determination to find an alternative to wearing his smart watch around his wrist without it being damaged during his duties as a nurse. Jordan explains: 

“The smart fob strap is designed for nurses, health care workers and other professionals that are, for infection control, required to be bare below the elbows at all times. [It] allows easy access to available Apple Watch wearable technology, providing a solution to a current need in the market.” 

As part of the journey to his final pitch, Jordan followed an extended design, development, and refinement process to make his idea a reality. 

Bringing an idea to life 

After approaching a graphic designer with sketches and a design, Jordan’s next step was to develop rendered images of what the product should look like, to then progress with the development of the first prototype. Once built, Jordan tested it and sought feedback for the build of the second prototype. 
Female nurse looking down at the fob strap attached to her uniform
Pictured: the fob strap allows for a smart watch to be attached to a uniform rather than worn around the wrist. 

Support for product validation and business plans played a big role in helping Jordan develop and refine his idea, through Murdoch University Launchpad, and companies like Reactor and the Commonwealth Bank. “I also had the support and guidance of mentors through Murdoch University, being able to bounce ideas or pitch plans off someone with experience in the target industry really helps. 

“Murdoch really encourages you to think critically and always question what you are doing, why and if there’s a better way to do it. I think it’s this mindset of critical thinking that kind of spurs on the problem-solving and solution forming process.” 

How to kick-start your own business idea

So what advice does Jordan have for anyone looking to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavours? 

“Take whatever opportunity that presents itself, particularly Think Big. Even if you don’t have an idea or it’s not exactly fleshed out, the networking opportunities, mentors and skills you gain are worth it in itself. [I was so nervous at the time but] I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

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8 Jul 2019

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