The students helping young entrepreneurs launch into business

Murdoch students Kavi, Bec, and Brian

Meet Kavi, Brian and Bec, the Murdoch students behind Launched Inc. With a shared interest in ideas and innovation, the three students will be pitching Launched Inc. at the 2020 Think Big competition.

How did you hear about Think Big?

We had each heard about Think Big in different ways, whether it was seeing a post in the library, being involved in events at the Launchpad, seeing a promotional email, or being part of the Launchpad student committee.

Tell us about your start-up idea

We have created a space for start-ups to develop and validate their prototypes. Our target group is young entrepreneurs between 16-24 years old. This is because we understand how daunting shared spaces can be, especially with already-successful businesspeople. We want to provide an opportunity for young start-ups to test, experiment and develop their prototype in a safe and comfortable environment.

What was your motivation behind creating your idea?

Start-ups often produce their prototype in their house. However, this space is outgrown quickly as the business grows. It can be difficult to gain a realistic idea of the prototype if there is not adequate space to test and experiment.

All three of us have experienced different stages of start-ups and can see this is a common problem. Mentors, investors, shared office spaces are all readily available. There is nothing that represents a space for prototype development.

Tell us about your Think Big experience

This year has been completely different to any other year. Think Big was forced to go online, making Zoom meetings and workshops the new norm. Although the program was run differently to previous years, it has been a fantastic course. We have still had the support we usually would, and the organisers presented us with an amazing amount of information.

This journey has been incredible – it’s allowed us to network with a diverse group of people from investors, to professionals, entrepreneurs, mentors and other start-ups in this competition.

One commitment we have to our start-up is that we always want to continue learning to better ourselves and the business, and the wisdom shared by the Think Big organisers, Mel Molloy and Jeremy Chetty. We’re sincerely thankful for this opportunity and experience of having been involved in the Think Big program.

What are your entrepreneurial goals for the future?

Individually, we’ve each got our own goals we’re hoping to pursue. For Kavi, it’s networking

with other professionals with different fields of expertise and skills to collaborate with other like-minded people and shape the world of tomorrow. Brian loves the challenge entrepreneurship delivers, so he’d love to help and build other niche business in Perth and the greater area. And for Bec, she’s got a strong interest in child development and the development of problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence, so she’d love to create a program or tool to support a child’s skill development.

As a team, though, we hope to provide a safe space for young entrepreneurs, build coursework around entrepreneurship and prepare them for the real working world.

Think Big is a competition run by the Launchpad at Murdoch University.

Learn more about our on-campus entrepreneurship and innovation hub, Launchpad, or see for yourself how our combined Commerce + Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree can help bring your ideas to life.
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1 Oct 2020

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